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April 3, 2020
Vol 9, Page 1

Missing School Already?

The fun of extended vacations is most when you have not even started the Summer Holiday Homework on the last day of the Summer Holidays and the School gets closed for another week. But is it as much now when the lockdown has all of us bound to our homes?
I am missing School already! The chirpy fresh feels of new classes, new classmates, new teachers, new books and notebooks, looking at the new subjects and curriculum, and whatnot! For me, as a student, this was the most cherished phase of School Life!
Tell me if you miss School too!
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Radhika Sharma
Editor, TSSO

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It’s time for a new session and who’s not excited? But this time, it looks a little different! New classrooms - now Online, new books - now turning Electronic, new timetable - now from Home, new crisp notebooks - of course online submissions, new teachers - and meeting them through Video Sessions, new friends - hanging out on social media and a higher grade - that’s for sure! New Session is the New Year of the School world, and this time it’s a little bit tweaked! #getsmarter Read More
No matter how meticulous it may seem, there’s still a charm of covering the new notebooks. All of us have experienced putting the name stickers and then writing our names in beautiful calligraphy. Clearing of shelves happens now; we take away our previous year school books and pile up new books in the shelf. Then, the excitement of unveiling what’s inside the book is unmatched!

A time to begin with new promises: promises to maintain the notebooks properly, to not holdup homework, to make regular notes and to not miss classes. Overall, to be a better student. For all of us, it’s a beginning that we always need to start anew.

A new session is indeed like a new year, a new beginning, a new opportunity and a new dawn to be a new you; and this time, we are all experiencing it in a new way too! Don’t miss this chance! Take a blank sheet and divide it into three parts: “What do I want to do?; How am I going to do it?; When am I going to do it?” Sit alone, introspect and see what all would you like to do. Fill in the sections and paste it wherever you would see it for the maximum number of times. As you complete your tasks, don’t forget to reward yourself.

Our School is like a nutshell, students are it’s life and teachers, the oxygen tanks. Together, we contribute to the working of this social hub, within which everyone matters. Let’s share more and work together to make our School a better social space than before.
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April 3, 2020
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Be Better, 5 Mins
Let us try to understand Adaptations!

In the last article, we read that Camouflaging as we know is merging the presence of a person, animal or object with its surroundings. (Haven’t read the previous story? Go back now!) Let’s dig in a little about adaptations and see how the animals play with adaptations.
Adapation in animals means physical attributes that help survival of animals in the harsh surroundings. Physical Adaptations are body structures that allow an animal to find and consume food, defend itself, and to reproduce its species.

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>> A koala hugs a tree while her baby clings to her back at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Koalas have adapted to only eat the leaves of eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus are very low in protein and toxic to many animal species.
Being able to digest eucalyptus leaves is an adaptation that benefits the koala by providing it a food source for which there is little competition. Tropical rainforest are teeming with life. There are numerous species of mammals, reptiles, and birds found in the tropical rainforest throughout the world
>> Many animals of the rainforest are camouflaged which aids them in avoiding predators. An example of this is the South American three-toed sloth. This animal has fur covered with green algae which is perfect camouflage in the forest canopy. Other animals use camouflage to hide in wait for prey. One such predator is the Boa Constrictor.
>> One adaptation quite the opposite of camouflage is that of the brightly colored poison arrow frogs and poison dart frogs. The bright colors of these species serve as a warning to predators not to eat them.
These frogs are so poisonous that natives wipe their arrowheads on them to make them more lethal.
Some animals have adaptations that enable them to eat food that other animals can't. For example parrots have strong beaks that crack the shells of very hard nuts.

What are the adaptations in yak?
Yaks have special adaptations to help them excel at high elevations. The yak's tongue is extremely rough, making it well adapted for scraping mosses and lichens off of rocks and other tough surfaces.
Like other bovines, the yak has a rumen. This is a part of the stomach that partially digests food and then is used as cud.
By Anupama Mahajan
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We all know how an early teenager changes energy in our house. The body changes physically as well as mentally. A lot can be and have been shared about how physical body changes in adolescence/ teenage. We have come up with series of videos for mental health changes that early teenage(11 above) brings in with mental health first aider -Kartik Vasisht, Coach at Mindfrey.

HEALTH SKOOL - Now at Home
Quick tips to stay healthy while staying at home!

First things first: Have a supersized breakfast. Include home cooked tummy filling fresh food for a great day ahead. Eat right amount of proteins, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains. It is always easy to control your sweet tooth in the morning than later in the day.
Couch potato:
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Get moving. Get up for little things whether it is grabbing something from the other room or even putting your own stuff to its right place. Do some form of exercise and don’t forget the eight hour beauty sleep too.

Control the soda and fries: Not only they have tons of sugar but literally contain no nutrients. Drink up your 8-10 glasses of water instead. Add a few slices or wedges of cucumber, mint or even your favorite fruit to your water bottle for a new and healthy twist.

Snack right: Prepare your snacks even before you are hungry. We snack wrong because junk food is always readily available everywhere. Always keep some dry fruits and nuts in your pocket for that quick bite. Stock up your refrigerator with healthy snacks like sprouts and salads for that binge eating.

Family time: Take your meals along with the family. Talk about your day, discuss what’s on your mind and don’t forget to laugh out loud.

Maintain habits: Discipline is a habit. If you don’t do anything that frequently, it will never come to you naturally. Work on yourself and work on these habits every day for a better you.
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April 3, 2020
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NASA STEM Challenge
Eligibility: Age Group 5-18 Years

Students Short Film Competition 2020
Last Date: 21 June, 2020
Eligibility: 8-17 Years

Last Date: 31 July, 2020
Eligibility: 8 - 15 Years

Watch this Ted

Got Love for Words, be a proud


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April 3, 2020
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Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

CBSE introduces ‘Applied Mathematics’ as new academic elective from 2020-21.
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How to Teach Social-Emotional Learning When Students Aren't in School
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Taking the Matter in Our Hands - Gen Z tells the world

74 years into action, 193 member states, and one mission, world peace.
Roosevelt first coined the term United Nations to describe the allied countries.
The countries that came together to preserve human rights and justice, by bringing together the biggest military forces world had ever seen to bring order and prevent aggression of one nation against another. ...
UN not only brought together the world leaders in history but recognized their efforts in community building. It is made up of simple ideology with much wider approach. It may have started as an organization building world peace but it continues to work in all directions of human development and resolving conflict.
Year 2000 saw a historic millennium declaration focused on reducing poverty by 2015. The fifteen year tenure turned out to be most successful anti-poverty movement in the history making way for sustainable development goals or global goals focused on ending extreme poverty in all its forms “leaving no one behind” by 2030. 193 countries pledged and made a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.
In its continuous efforts, UN proves to be the biggest hero of our time saving our planet and its people at the same time. One thing we should be proud of is that it began with people like us and still consists of people like us who dare to begin and care to change. Our simple thoughts or actions could make or break this series of change for years to come. We can all be the heroes that the world needs today.



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April 3, 2020
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Students' Blogs

Love For Nature

I have always liked nature because of its pureness, simplicity, and calmness. It removes all the stress from my mind that usually, we have for tests and exams. Nature makes me feel safe and there is always something new to explore in nature. I want to spread the love for nature and that you should protect it through photography. Photography is my hobby and I could find no better way to express my feelings than through this.

Teachers' Blogs

Why You Should Opt For An Online Course?

By: Devesh Parashar

It has always been a tiresome task for us to find our dream course. With revolutionizing technologies, there are infinite possibilities of learning. MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are thousands of courses available on the internet that give you the freedom to study at your own pace. Let’s take a look towards the benefits of choosing an online course which breaks the barriers of age, time and cost:

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Anureet 1. Learn at your own momentum
In distance-learning programs, you can learn at your own pace. You can focus on your weak topics until you've understood it properly. The conventional schooling may find it a little difficult to provide you with sufficient time, but an online course is a bit more concise, precise and also accelerated in the final completion.
2. Convenience & Comfort
One of the major merits of opting for an online program is the comfort that it provides. You won't have to worry about the uncomfortable sitting accommodations in the institutions giving you a back pain at the end of the day. You can access the study material right from your comfort zone. You won't need to wake-up early and get formally dressed for the class. The list is long, but ultimately sums up one thing that convenience will be your strong advantage.
3. Lower Costs
As compared to the conventional campus learning, online-schools are available at lower costs. Although, the fee for online programs varies from one site to another, depending upon multiple factors, but you'll surely save a fortune attending them. Plus, online-program gives you a choice of choosing subjects as per your requirement and convenience.
4. Become a multi-tasker
You can utilize your free time from college/school/office and add a new skill to your set. The competition is tough and to conquer the race you will have to maintain your pace with the lightning fast technologies. Using your extra time, you may end up learning something that will help you in the long run. It is also possible that this online program will help you in starting a part-time job, in getting a promotion or good grades in college/school. Why wait for long vacations to start a new course? Join a program now and be a part of the smart student community.
5. Build your Resume
An online course certification adds a star to your resume. Along with providing command over a new skill, an online course also looks good on your resume profile. It displays that you're ready to go an extra mile for learning. When facing a job interview, this peculiarity will definitely attract the interviewer's attention. You already would have accumulated all the skills that you're going to need in the industry, unlike the other students, who solely depend upon the campus education. You can find the best of courses on the following portals:
Opt for an online-program and believe me, you will not be disappointed. If you can, then why not now?

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