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August 10, 2020
Vol 100, Page 1

Celebrating a Century

Celebrating a Century

What They Say?

The Connection with Nature, across Religions

“Nature’s beauty is an art of God. Let us feel the touch of God’s invisible hands in everything beautiful. By the first touch of His hand rivers throb and ripple. When He smiles the sun shines, the moon glimmers, the stars twinkle, the flowers bloom. By the first rays of the rising sun, the universe is stirred; the shining gold is sprinkled on the smiling buds of rose; the fragrant air is filled with sweet melodies of singing birds, the dawn is the dream of God’s creative fancy.”
- Rig Veda 1.6.3, Hinduism

“Do you not see that to God bow down in worship all things that are in the heavens and on the earth - the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the trees, the animals…”
Quran 22:18, Islam

“The Lord infused His Light into the dust, and created the world, the universe. The sky, the earth, the trees, and the water - all are the Creation of the Lord.”
- Guru Granth Sahib, Sikhism

“Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the elds be jubilant, and everything in them. Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy”
Ps. 96:11-13, Christianity


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This Day for You - August 10


The term 'the 10th of August' is widely used by historians as a shorthand for the Storming of the Tuileries Palace on the 10th of August, 1792, the effective end of the French monarchy until it was restored in 1814.

The World Celebrates:

National Shapewear Day

National Connecticut Day

National Lazy Day

National S’mores Day

You Share Your Birthday With:

1874 - Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. President

1894 - V. V. Giri, Indian lawyer and politician

1963 - Phoolan Devi, Indian lawyer and politician

1997 - Kylie Jenner, American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman

On this day:

1860: Popular Indian classical vocalist, Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande was born

1979: Satellite Launch Vehicle, SLV-3 was launched

1990: The Magellan spacecraft begins its orbit of the planet Venus after a 15-month journey from Earth.


This pandemic lockdown is quite weird, isn't it? You have all the time to do things that you've waited for long, but everything big and small is closed. But isn't the best time to explore yourself, even with limited resources. It can be the best time of the year for us too, the school just go over or is taking just online classes and you've got nothing over their heads until school restarts. All day, one can play, watch their favorite shows or now, with limited un-lockdown, visit family or grannies too.
At this time to take a chill-pill, we get you some real fun ways in which you can indulge in some constructive learning, nevertheless chill with these cool activities:

1. Be a Digital Globe Trotter:

Do you know, Google Maps can take you to any street across the globe? Of course all the summer travel plans have gone in the dust, but what about some digital globe trotting? Open google maps, put down your favourite destination, and just go to your favourite street. You can start by going to places you've already been, so that you recognize them, and then start exploring new places in the world. Remember, now you can go wherever you wish to. No passport required too! Also read about the history and the heritage of the places you travel. Don't forget to click those amazing photographs!

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2. Make your own Garden:

The most fun-filled and the one with deeper roots is gardening. Gardening not only brings us closer to nature but also sows in us the seeds of caring and nurturing. As the weather is at its best, this is the right time to get mushy and dirty your hands in soil and mud. Just get some flowerpots, soil and seeds from your kitchen. It's fun to try to make tools out of equipments already available at home. This would even help us understand how to fix things without spending a penny. Just find the perfect sunlit corner and let that be your little garden.

3. Time to Cook:

It'll definitely be fun if you can make your own breakfast or may be lunch or just a snack. Decide for yourself. Try something in which knives and the hob can be avoided, or else you can take some help for that. Indulge themselves in this kind of creativity and just see how many colors you can include, what flavors you can choose and how food is served. This can even be one of the exotic dishes you prepare the next time when your favorite people come over for dinner.

4. Act, Dance or do some Karaoke:

It's never old school to engage in some role playing, shaking a leg or taking the voice test! In the end, this is how we would know what we're good at. You can try to mimic your favorite movie or cartoon character, or copy those dance steps. Or if you can arrange a mike, sing out loud and clear. Believe me, this would definitely build up that confidence automatically.

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Inspiration 101, 6 Mins
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August 10, 2020
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Be Better, 4 Mins
Five ways pandemics have left a positive change on our society

Throughout history, global health crises have ravaged human lives. But it has also paved the way for progress in culture and society. It has changed lives for the better. After the end of each pandemic, the world has witnessed an improved system of water and sanitation systems. It has also led to the discovery of innovations to limit the spread of diseases. Here is a list of positive changes that were brought to the world after the end of a pandemic.

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1) Black Death - Better conditions for the poor

Those who had survived black death in 14th century Europe, brought about a fundamental change. There was a dearth of laborers, so a lot of the poor people got various kinds of jobs. As a result, the miserable condition of the poor people improved at a rapid rate.

2) 1918 Pandemic - Improves patient care

The 1918 pandemic or the ‘Spanish Flu’ left the world with an earth shattering question - how advanced is our medical sciences? As a result of that, the conditions of the hospitals improved. A lot of preventive measures were taken by the public health sector in various countries, to improve their health care systems.

3) Pandemic and Art

Pandemics cause a lot of sufferings and loss of lives. The experiences of such are expressed and recorded by the Artists of those periods. For instance, The Decameron is a masterwork by the medieval author Giovanni Boccaccio centered around the bubonic plague of 1348.

What positive changes will be brought by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020?

Credits - Lovely
Write to me at
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Be Better, 4 mins


Is Time Travel Really Possible?

Curiosity, 4 Mins
Why is the sky blue?

Well, that’s a dumb question you might say. However, if you think about it, or when you get to higher classes, you must wonder why it isn’t of some other colour that is around the same wavelength as that of blue. Why is it not violet? Or maybe indigo? It’s a great question and it all boils down to physics, light absorption, and light scattering.

Before we dive into that, let’s first understand the science of…”seeing” in a succinct manner. When polychromatic light(light that comprises of multiple wavelengths) falls on an object, it absorbs some of the incident wavelengths and reflects the rest. What we see is a mixture of the light that is formed by those few reflected wavelengths when it hits our eyes. However, when the particle of an object is of a wavelength that is comparable to the wavelength of the incident light, a new phenomenon occurs called “scattering.”

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Scattering is exactly what it sounds like. When light falls on an object of a comparable wavelength, it gets absorbed and then re-emitted in random directions with random intensity. Now, scattering is inversely proportional to the fourth power of the incident wavelength(Scattering ∝ 1λ4). Now, you should know that the visible spectrum of light or VIBGYOR is arranged in an increasing fashion of wavelength. This means that violet has the smallest wavelength while red has the largest. Hence, consequently, red light scatters the least while violet scatters the most.

Our atmosphere contains molecules like carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, etc. which have their sizes comparable to the incident solar radiation. Hence, scattering takes place and blue light is, as discussed above, scattered the most while red light remains virtually unscattered, This is the reason why our sky appears blue. But wait...does violet not have a wavelength even shorter than that of blue? So why is our sky not violet instead of blue? A great question yet again. This is primarily because the incident solar radiation lacks much violet wavelength in the first place and shows clear dominance in the blue region. Why? That is beyond of this article. But, another contributing factor to the above is the fact that our eyes are much more perceptive towards the blue wavelength as compared to violet. And there you go! Now, you know why the sky is blue and not violet...or red.

Credits: Arko
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Curiosity, 4 mins

August 10, 2020
Page 3


Challenge for the Day

Growing courage is not only about doing the scary thing - It’s about listening to your heart and doing the right thing, too.

Goal: To recognize and explore their fears, and come up with solutions.
Material Required: A cup/hat, slips of paper and pens.
Duration 10-15 minutes. 2-6 Participants.


1) Gather and give out a slip of paper and pen to each participant.

2) Write down one of your fears anonymously and put it into the cup or hat.

3) Now take turns, and draw one slip from the hat, read it aloud, and explain why it might be scary to you or anyone else. (For Example: Spiders can be scary because they can bite us.)

4) Now, as a group, come up with solutions to the fear. Evaluate the solutions based on the three courage questions, and choose the final solution based off.
The courage questions are:

● Will it break an important rule or is it against the law? (Like killing all the spiders will break the rule of nature.)
● Will it hurt someone? (Yes, killing the spider will hurt him.)
● Does it feel right for you? (Yes, if I can manage to put a cup over it or use a piece of paper to throw it outside my home, then it feels right.)

5) Based on the answers and the discussion, choose the best option that is both courageous and right. (Solution 3 is the answer here.)

Group Discussion

What other questions could help you determine what is the “right” thing to do? Can you think of a situation where what you think the right thing to do is might be different than someone else? Is it possible to have two different “right” answers?

Try Writing a story where you overcome your fears with your courage.

If you are allowed to, please share your pictures and the write-ups with us over mail at along with your and your friend’s Names, Ages, Schools and Cities.


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Got Love for Words? Be a proud



First recorded use in 1513



Meaning: In a direction contrary to the sun's course, considered as unlucky; anticlockwise.

Usage: She danced widdershins around him

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August 10, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Tourist Breaks Toes on 200-Year-Old Statue.
Last week, an Austrian tourist visiting a museum in Italy sat down on a 200-year-old plaster statue to take a selfie. When he got up again, the statue had lost two toes.

Mickey Mouse Signs Tax Checks in Rhode Island
The tax department in the state of Rhode Island sent out 176 checks last week, giving people money back from their taxes. But there was a problem with the checks. Instead of being signed by the state leaders in charge of returning tax money, the checks were signed by Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse.

THE Happy Pill

Free Internet Coming For 35,000 Low-Income Philly Families in Public-Private Partnership As Classrooms Stay Closed.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

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August 10, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog

"When I look there"

About the Author:

Akriti Kuniyal, 15yrs old,
Army Public School, Raiwala

The dazzling psithurisim,...
Has flaunted me in some other contrasting
It necessitate meto peep instantly ,and
how these miniature are one of the most
surmising creature.
When I put all this together ,sometimes I
intricate, and many a times I got stuck, and
keep thinking, how these enemies have
"eradicate" them, they cannot speak for this
they should weep?
I completely exasperated now ,what could I
do to say others, when they glance utter

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