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August 13, 2020
Vol 103, Page 1

Get Smarter at Home

Get Smarter at Home

What They Say?

“Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.”
- Buddha

“Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince


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This Day for You - August 13

The World Celebrates:

National Prosecco Day

National Filet Mignon Day

International Left Handers Day

You Share Your Birthday With:

1926 – Fidel Castro, Former Prime Minister of Cuba

1963 – Sridevi, Indian actress

On this day:

1784: Pitt’s India Bill was introduced in the British Parliament for improvement of administration in India.

1891: The three great defenders of Manipur, Senapati Tikendrajit Singh, his brothers, Agnesh Sena and General Thangal were hanged by the British.

1951: The first aircraft designed and manufactured in India, the Hindustan Trainer 2 took its maiden flight.

1956: The Lok Sabha passed the National Highways Bill.

Kurt Warner

Professional football player Kurt Warner drove a high-powered St. Louis Rams offense to a Super Bowl victory and collected MVP honors along the way. Kurt Warner was born on June 22, 1971, in Burlington, Iowa. His football career has proven to be one of the more improbable rags-to-riches stories ever to come out of the sports world.

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Warner, a 28-year-old no-name back-up, catapulted to stardom in 1999. During his second full year in the NFL, he drove the St. Louis Rams offense to a Super Bowl victory and collected MVP honors along the way.

While attending Regis High School in Cedar Rapids, he excelled in basketball, baseball, and football. After earning the starting quarterback position in his junior year, his high school coach, recognizing Warner's on-the-field intelligence, allowed his QB to sometimes call his plays.
In 1995, Warner was asked to play for the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League. There, his accurate and strong arm set a host of league passing records and eventually caught the attention of the Rams, a struggling NFL franchise that sent him overseas to play in the NFL's European league in the spring of 1998.

Again, Warner turned in more eye-popping numbers, leading the league in passing yardage and touchdowns. The performance was good enough to help him land the third-string job for the Rams that autumn, a season in which the club turned in a 4-12 record.

Just as he did in college, Warner came up big, throwing 14 touchdowns in his four games, two more than the team had passed during the entire 1998 season. Football talking heads and fans were enthralled and amazed not only at the quarterback's rise, but also by how the player's talent could be overlooked by so many scouts and coaches.

Over the next several seasons, Warner, who signed a four-year contract in 2000 for more than $46 million, proved his worth, throwing for more big yardage and touchdowns. He then led the Rams to a second Super Bowl appearance two years later, in which Warner's heavily favored club lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That same year, Warner captured his second league MVP award.

Despite having one year left on his contract, Warner closed the book on his rags-to-riches pro football career by announcing his retirement in January 2010. He joined the NFL Network as an analyst shortly afterward.

Credits: Tarini Kaushik
Reach me at: for any questions, advice or feedback.

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
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August 13, 2020
Page 2
Five genres of music that was originated by the African Slaves in America

Did you know that music helped the African Slaves in America, gradually get liberated? We may not realise it, but many times in history, music has proven to be a strong weapon against injustice. Like in India, before independence, music makers composed patriotic songs to arouse the feeling of nationalism in its people. Similarly, before the African Slaves were considered to be humans, their music became the heartbeat of America.
Far from their motherland and families, the slaves would cling to their music as a remedy to their misfortunes. Later, the same music would engulf the entire world. Here is a list of five genres of music gifted to the world by the Africans:
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1) Spirituals

As the African people were brought to America, the slave owners would forcefully convert them to Christianity. The genre of spirituals came from such a blend of Christianity and African tradition of music. The songs of this genre provide an expression of sorrow. But if you pay attention you will notice, these songs were codes for arranging rebellion and escape. This genre was most popular during the Civil War.
2) Blues

It was a genre explored as ‘work songs’. African slaves would work on the plantations owned by their masters and sing these songs to avoid the harsh reality of violent racism. It is a genre of music that did not follow any strict doctrine. It could be sung or performed on any instruments available. This was the reason, Blues became so popular in America and the rest of the world. Some renowned Blues artists are Leadbelly, Jimi Hendrix, B.B King, etc.

3) Jazz

Jazz was born in New Orleans, where African people, White Europeans and French-Speaking Creoles lived together. Hence, a cross-cultural fusion occurred between the dark skin-coloured Creoles musicians and the English-speaking black population. Then it was brought to Missouri and Kansas by the African Workers. It is a dynamic genre that is based on improvisation and experimentation. Famous Jazz artists are Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, etc.

4) Rock ‘N’ Roll

Due to the bands like The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. Rock music is considered to have come from the white musicians. But its origin lies in the genre of Rhythm and Blues music. Rhythm and Blues was categorized as “Race Music” by the record industry of the 1940’s and 50’s. It was mainly composed for the Black audiences of America. It soon caught the interest of young white teenagers and became popular.

5) Hip-Hop

Today we understand Hip-Hop to be Rap music. But the truth is, Hip-Hop originated as a movement that included expressions in the mode of rhythmic vocal addresses, deejaying, graffiti and breakdancing. Hip-Hop widely represents the Black Culture, their struggle and revolution. In the past, it has served as a vital element of Black Empowerment and Social Commentary on the injustices practised in the act of Slavery.

The influence of many of these genres can be detected in today’s Indian Music. Can you detect them the next time you listen to them? Let me know.

Credits: Lovely
Let me know what you think.
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Manikarnika aka Lakshmi Bai, Rani of Jhansi

Curiosity, 4 Mins
Why are roofs blown off during storms?

You must have witnessed entire roof sheds, which are commonly made of tin, be completely ripped off and blown away during violent thunderstorms. Have you ever wondered why that happens? If your answer is because it is a thunderstorm with winds blowing extremely fast, you’d be only partially correct. Why? Because those same winds blow tangentially to the plane of the roof. It should not have enough force to uproot it completely. So, what is the complete answer, you might ask? Well, let’s discuss that.

Let’s talk about pressure first. Pressure is basically the measure of the force that is applied perpendicularly on a unit area of an object. Pressure plays a vital role in our everyday lives. It is also very important in geology and meteorology. Winds always blow from a region of high pressure to a region of low pressure. The larger the pressure difference, the stronger are the wind speeds. This suggests a correlation between pressure and kinetic energy. Daniel Bernoulli, in 1738, stated that the speed of a fluid(Note: Gases are fluids as well.) increases with the decrease in its static pressure. In simple terms, this means that a larger fluid flow signifies lesser pressure.

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During thunderstorms, winds blow with high velocities. However, if the windows of a house are closed, we hardly feel it and the wind flow inside the house is virtually static. This, however, creates a large difference in the pressure inside and outside the house. The high wind speeds create a region of low pressure just above the roof of the house. The pressure inside the house, however, is much higher. This pressure difference generates a large upward force, directed from the inside to the outside of the house, against the roof. Note, that this force is perpendicular and not tangential to the plane of the roof. Now, if the roof is made of concrete or some other material that can resist this is force, nothing much happens. Tin roofs, on the other hand, are much feeble and can’t withstand the upward forces generated by high wind speeds. Thus, they get detached from the ceiling and fly off with the wind.

Credits: Arko
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Curiosity, 4 mins

August 13, 2020
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August 13, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Indian students studying in China face obstructions due to the WeChat ban.
The ban on some social media apps including WeChat has broken the communication bridge for Indian students pursuing their studies in China.

Sanjay Dutt diagnosed with lung cancer, to fly to the US for treatment.
Sanjay Dutt was diagnosed with lung cancer. Let's pray for his speedy recovery.

THE Happy Pill

Protest Sign Made by Third Grader Inspires the Nation When it Mysteriously Travels to Protests.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

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August 13, 2020
Page 5

Despair and Hope - Reminiscing Kedarnath

There was no way left. How could there have been? There was no way ever! It's a valley after all. Whatever comes, she welcomes it with open arms. Be it blessings or floods.

Ice capped mountains all around. A sight of sheer beauty. Early in the morning, when the sun has not even risen and the moon is yet to fade, sounds of Har Har Mahadev fill the air. The sky would be clear now, and just then it would start to rain. The sun makes its way through thick clouds to shine over the highest peak. The early morning silver lined clouds and mountains are just not to be missed. And above all the ravines, where you would now see only stones, pebbles and debris accumulated, but four years back they must have only been the way for the floods and the avalanche that swamped the entire valley, a range of villages and many more faithful beings except the centre of faith.

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It has been seven long years, but once you visit the Valley of Kedar, you will, even unwillingly, imagine what it must have been like then. Massive mountains surrounding Kedar, all sloped towards Kedar, making way for all the water to flow towards Kedar and what Kedar does, it embraces it all. Everything living, everything dead, just everything.

One of the survivors, now running a small Dhaba there (though it is the largest in the valley) , tells us, "The way to the temple was different then. People used to take half a round of the mountain to reach the entrance of the temple. It was early morning, we were all sleeping and suddenly it all happened." His eyes started to blink quickly, as if he was trying to avoid something. It was a dreadful thing to remember and to go back to. We stopped our enquiries. He just said, "We went to our terrace to save ourselves." As it was difficult enough for us to raise our queries to the locals, we could understand how hard it would have been for them to answer our questions.

As one goes into the temple premises, given the smallness of it, one can immediately think of what would have happened to the ones who were inside then. Giving way to the minutest imagination, one can see the temple full of water and devotees panicking to find a way out. As there are only two gates on the adjacent sides of the first section of the temple, the devotees in this section might have found some way. But the ones in the middle and the last section, which is the sanctum sanctorum, must have given up all on their faith.

On an average 5000 people visit the shrine per day during the Yatra period. After having trekked 17 KM on foot, and outdone rains, hails and the uneven way, one can only try their best to acclimatize to the lack of oxygen at 3,553 m. There is not enough strength left to fight a disaster as it had happened then.

Seven years down the line, what will please you is to see how things are back on track. Transport working, basic necessities provided, construction work in progress and over the top, faith served well. The number of pilgrims is ever increasing, and the government is trying its best to serve the tourists with the best of facilities.

The Valley of Kedar has become an epitome of true faith. Despite all the disruptions caused by the vagaries of nature, pilgrims made their way to pay reverence to their centre of faith. And now, it has come even closer to the spirit of compassion as every being who comes to worship, worships not only for their own self, but for all the departed souls who may still be wandering in the Valley in search of a closure.

- A story by Radhika Sharma, Editor, TSSO

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