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August 21, 2020
Vol 109, Page 1



What They Say?

'When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.'
- Abraham Lincoln

'Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.'
- Mark Twain


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This Day for You - August 21

The World Celebrates:

National Brazilian Blowout Day

National Spumoni Day

National Senior Citizens Day

You Share Your Birthday With:

1934 - Sudhakarrao Naik, Indian lawyer and politician, 13th Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

1961 - V. B. Chandrasekhar, Indian cricketer and coach

1973 - Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, Co-Founder of Google along with Larry Page

1978 - Bhumika Chawla, Indian Actress

1986 - Usain St Leo Bolt, Jamaican former sprinter, widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time.

On this day:

1790: Dindigul was captured by the British troops under General Meadows.

1988: The 6.9 Mw Nepal earthquake shakes the Nepal–India border with a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe), leaving 709–1,450 people killed and thousands injured.

Ted Williams

Baseball player Ted Williams, nicknamed the Splendid Splinter, Thumper, and Teddy Ballgame has been called one of the two greatest hitters of all time, along with Babe Ruth. Williams, a left-handed batter, was known for his perfect swing and 20/10 eyesight. He would not swing at bad balls and therefore was often walked by pitchers. This talent contributed to his yet-unbroken record of bases on balls.

Read more to find out the story…

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Williams was also outspoken and hot-tempered and did not feed to fans and sportswriters. Yet, he was a strong supporter of children's charities. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1966. Always pursuing perfection in his sport's most difficult task, Ted Williams was nearly unstoppable in hitting major league pitches. He perennially led baseball in the two most important aspects of hitting-getting on base and driving in runners. He was the last player to hit .400, achieving that mark in 1941. He continued to symbolize excellence in hitting and dedication to baseball.

Williams was an obsessive student of hitting. He famously used a lighter bat than most sluggers, because it generated a faster swing. In 1970 he wrote a book on the subject, The Science of Hitting, which is still read by many baseball players. Pitchers feared Williams, his bases-on-balls-to-plate-appearances ratio is still the highest of any player in the Hall of Fame. Williams nearly always took the first pitch.

Williams made news of a different kind after his death in July 2002, when his son reportedly shipped Williams's body to Arizona to be cryogenically preserved to harvest the great player's DNA. In the 13 months since his passing, his body has been suspended in liquid nitrogen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation of Scottsdale, Ariz. Williams's body is not resting upside down in a liquid-nitrogen tank at Alcor, as has been reported. Instead, his head is stored in a liquid-nitrogen-filled steel can that resembles a lobster pot.

Credits: Tarini Kaushik
Reach me at: for any questions, advice or feedback.

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
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August 21, 2020
Page 2
Let us celebrate APPLE - India’s first Communication Satellite Launched by ISRO

35 years ago, on 19 June 1981, India launched its first communication satellite into space. It was a milestone in India’s Space Programme. The satellite was called Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment or APPLE in short. This satellite helped ISRO lay the foundation for indegenious development of operational communication satellites later on. These satellites soon grew into constellations of the INSAT and GSAT series. Because of these satellites later on the common Indian man could enable applications like Tele-education, Tele-medicine, Village Resource Centre (VRC), Disaster Management System (DMS) etc. Let us all checkout some important highlights of that day…
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It took around two years to design and build the APPLE spacecraft. At that time there were very limited resources available. It was designed and built as a sandwich passenger-carrying Meteosat on top and CAT Module below. It was used in several communication experiments including relay of TV programs and radio networking. The launch mass of this satellite was 670 kg.

Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi dedicated APPLE to the nation on 13th August 1981. The Prime Minister handed over a smaller model of the spacecraft to the Minister of Communications and said that it was the “Dawn of India’s Satellite communication era.”

The Prime Minister addressed the nation on 15th August from the Red Fort. It was aired LIVE by the help of this communication satellite APPLE

Indian Posts and Telegraphs Department released a commemorative stamp on the first year anniversary of the launching of APPLE on 19th June 1982.

Experimentation in the field of advanced communications technology was enabled due to the launch of this satellite. It has established expertise in designing and fabricating the launch and maintenance of such a satellite into the geo-stationary orbit.

TFor two consecutive years, APPLE was used to carry out extensive experiments.
It is a day for us to feel proud of our Indian scientists of ISRO. Can you find out other important projects carried out by ISRO?

Credits: Lovely
Let me know what you think.
Write to me at for more information, opinion or queries.

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Curiosity, 4 Mins
Myths and facts: Hacking

Ever since the advent of the digital age, popular culture has managed to create a convincing stereotype about hacking and hackers and portray them as an enigma of sorts. This article is my attempt to debunk some of the myths surrounding hacking as well as bring some lesser-known facts about it to light.

1) “Hacking is illegal and all hackers are criminals.” - MYTH
Hackers come in two types - Black hat hackers, and White hat hackers. Now, the black hat hackers are indeed the criminal sorts who use their computing skills for insidious activities. White hat hackers, aka Ethical hackers, are the ones who use those same computing skills to secure a network so that it can’t be exploited by the black hats. As a matter of fact, penetration testers are some of the highest-paid professionals in the field of cybersecurity.

2) “Hackers are all genius-level programmers and tech experts.” - MYTH
Just like the complicacy of network security come at varying levels, so do hackers. One does not need to be an expert in programming skills to become proficient in social hacking. All one needs for that is a good understanding of how social media and search engines function and work on ways to circumvent their flimsy security measures. On the other hand, hacking into the network of a corporate firm would require advanced levels of programming skills and a deep understanding of the functioning network devices.

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3) “Hackers come in groups and are very organized.” - FACT
Before Mr Robot, most people used to believe that hackers mostly operated by themselves. In reality, however, hackers often come in groups or are a part of some organization and mostly work in a very coordinated fashion.

4) “Accessing the deep web is illegal and is dangerous since it is infested with hackers” - (lol)MYTH
The deep web is often confused with the dark web. The deep web is but a section of the internet that can only be accessed by your web browser with the use of special protocols. Accessing is not illegal by any means and as a matter of fact, BBC News, Facebook and many other corpos even have official websites in the deep web. The dark web is a subsection of the deep web that is indeed used for malevolent activities like selling controlled substances and weapons.

Credits: Arko
Source: Mentalfloss, Techopedia Read less

Curiosity, 4 mins

August 21, 2020
Page 3


August 18 - 22

A global campaign that celebrates humanitarians - a “thank you” to the people who have committed their lives to helping others.

Join the celebrations by telling us about Real Life Heroes whom you know. Look around your area, and tell us about the heroes of our world, here and now, are just as worthy of admiration and celebration because they’re real! They are:

1) Choosing to help in the most extreme circumstances.
2) Their stories show that real life heroes exhibit an uncanny ability to persevere despite the odds, and to do so with humility and dedication.
3) They help at any cost.

Join the global conversation today by using the hashtag #RealLifeHeroes and #TheSchoolSocial.

Send your write ups with photos of these Heroes to

You can also tag us on


Tell us your views

Is twitter the right place to reach out to authorities, like @PMOIndia?


Got Love for Words? Be a proud



First recorded in 1916



Meaning: Disconcert or confuse (someone).

Usage: This attitude totally discombobulated Matt.

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August 21, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Mumbai-based 'RotiSabji' provides ration kits for 1,500 families amid coronavirus.
Silicon Valley-based engineer Alok Rathore and his family landed in Mumbai from the US on March 1 for a holiday at their family residence in Goregaon, Mumbai. Alok heads the ‘RotiSabji’ campaign in Mumbai, which has supported around 1,500 families with ration kits and drinking water in just a matter of months.

THE Happy Pill

Joining a number of high-profile species rediscoveries in the last two years, a tiny elephant shrew—also known as the Somali sengi—has been found to still be with us, and in quite healthy numbers too.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

Happy News
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August 21, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog

You are no less

About the Author:

Hello there! I am Anureet Kaur, I am 15 and I love writing!
Writing is a way I can express myself. All my articles are on random topics but their motive is to make sure they bring change. I hope you like them. Happy reading!

“Our lives are like clay and we are the potters. They become how we want them to be.”

Ever given this a thought? Probably not. So today let’ s take a break from the daily hustles of life and give a moment of thought just to ourselves. Have you ever felt out of place? Well it’ s a common trait all of us share, and no matter how much one seems to be comfortable with changes in environment, trust me that guy has also been in an out-of-place condition once. But do you know it’ s what you think of yourself. I mean being out of place.

Since how did this ‘place’ officially arrive?

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When we start to underestimate ourselves. We need people to build each other up not the ones throwing dynamite sticks on others like psychopaths.
This underestimation of self is a strong thing. It can break you within a blink of eye. Take my example for an instance. I am a bit plump, can’ t get my legs waxed like other people in my grade do, eyebrows ‘reshaped’ or anything like that because I am a Sikh. And believe me at one moment I completely let it break me. But then I realize that a territory is only annexed if it is beautiful but is ruled by a weak ruler. So I finally realized that life isn’ t going to favor some weak bones. So I became the one who no one can ever invade. Now, I have a ton of friends and good ones too. How exactly?

Let me be simple with this, because to become the non-invasive personality above mentioned you don’t care about these things and miraculously no one does as well! I just be myself. So you see, if you let people break you, they succeed. So stand up! Tell those who try to decide how you should live and tell them right in their faces that you don’t give a damn about it! ( if their decision leads to your loss.)

In the end I would just like to say dear reader do not forget, “ You were born to give birth to legends.” Be that legendary person you know you are. Be you. ;)

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