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August 6, 2020
Vol 98, Page 1

Thorsday Thursday

Thorsday Thursday

What They Say?

"No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn't know it."
— Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

"Anybody can make history; only a great man can write it."
— Oscar Wilde


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This Day for You - August 6


Hiroshima Day is observed on 6 August every year. This is the day when the atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

The World Celebrates:

National Root Beer Float Day

National Fresh Breath Day

National Wiggle Your Toes Day

National IPA Day

You Share Your Birthday With:

Henry Iba in 1904

Lucille Ball in 1911

Andy Warhol in 1928

M. Night Shyamalan in 1970

Vera Farmiga in 1973

Aditya Narayan in 1987

Sara Khan in 1989

Ty Simpkins in 2001

On this day:

1862: The Madras High Court was inaugurated.

1906: Chitta Ranjan Das and other Congress leaders published the newspaper Vande Mataram.

1925: Surendranath Banerji, one of the Founders of Modern India Passes Away

Kurt Warner

Professional football player Kurt Warner drove a high-powered St. Louis Rams offense to a Super Bowl victory and collected MVP honors along the way. Kurt Warner was born on June 22, 1971, in Burlington, Iowa. His football career has proven to be one of the more improbable rags-to-riches stories ever to come out of the sports world.

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Warner, a 28-year-old no-name back-up, catapulted to stardom in 1999. During his second full year in the NFL, he drove the St. Louis Rams offense to a Super Bowl victory and collected MVP honors along the way.

While attending Regis High School in Cedar Rapids, he excelled in basketball, baseball, and football. After earning the starting quarterback position in his junior year, his high school coach, recognizing Warner's on-the-field intelligence, allowed his QB to sometimes call his plays.
In 1995, Warner was asked to play for the Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena Football League. There, his accurate and strong arm set a host of league passing records and eventually caught the attention of the Rams, a struggling NFL franchise that sent him overseas to play in the NFL's European league in the spring of 1998.

Again, Warner turned in more eye-popping numbers, leading the league in passing yardage and touchdowns. The performance was good enough to help him land the third-string job for the Rams that autumn, a season in which the club turned in a 4-12 record.

Just as he did in college, Warner came up big, throwing 14 touchdowns in his four games, two more than the team had passed during the entire 1998 season. Football talking heads and fans were enthralled and amazed not only at the quarterback's rise, but also by how the player's talent could be overlooked by so many scouts and coaches.

Over the next several seasons, Warner, who signed a four-year contract in 2000 for more than $46 million, proved his worth, throwing for more big yardage and touchdowns. He then led the Rams to a second Super Bowl appearance two years later, in which Warner's heavily favored club lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. That same year, Warner captured his second league MVP award.

Despite having one year left on his contract, Warner closed the book on his rags-to-riches pro football career by announcing his retirement in January 2010. He joined the NFL Network as an analyst shortly afterward.

Credits: Tarini Kaushik
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August 6, 2020
Page 2
Be Better, 4 Mins
Let us all pray for the city of Beirut, capital of Lebanon

At around 18:00 on August 5, 2020, Beirut faced the worst of all disasters. The whole city was shaken by the explosion and a mushroom cloud was seen over the port area. The blast was caused by 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored in a warehouse, callously.
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In the massive explosion, at least 100 people are suspected to have lost their lives and 4000 people were severely injured. Apart from that hundreds of people went missing which may cause a rise in the number of deaths.

It was such a high-intensity explosion that it was felt 240 km away in the island of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean. The people there reported to have felt a jerking similar to an earthquake.

According to the public health minister of Lebanon, Hamad Hasan, a large number of children were rescued in the explosion. However, it is still a mystery what triggered the explosion. Currently, the atmosphere of Beirut is filled with nitrogen oxides and ammonia gas, which is harmful for the health of the people living there.

However, it is also very interesting how, on August 6, 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Heroshima. It was the first time a nuclear bomb was tested which killed 80000 people instantly. It is interesting to think that exactly 75 years ago, a massive explosion had occurred in Japan. And now another massive explosion has occurred in Lebanon. History repeats itself, indeed! Isn’t it?

Credits - Lovely
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Curiosity, 4 Mins

August 6, 2020
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First recorded use in 1461



Meaning: a procedure whereby seized goods may be provisionally restored to their owner pending the outcome of an action to determine the rights of the parties concerned.

Usage: Shortly thereafter, plaintiff brought this action in replevin to recover the dog.

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August 6, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Undersea Microbes Wake Up After 100 Million Years.
Scientists have woken up tiny life forms called microbes that are over 100 million years old. The microbes were found in samples pulled from deep under the sea floor beneath miles of ocean.

Beirut explosion: over half the city damaged in blast that killed at least 100 and wounded 4,000 – live updates.
AFP is quoting the governor of Beirut, Marwan Abboud, as saying the damage from the port blast has extended over half of the city, with the cost of damage likely above $3bn.He has also upped his previous estimate of the number of “homeless” to 300,000, which is close to the total population of the central part of the capital.

THE Happy Pill

Couple Restores 100-Year-Old Sewing Machine–And Learns To Sew–So They Can Donate Face Masks to the Needy

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

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August 6, 2020
Page 5
Parent's Blog

"Things I learnt from Covid 19 Pandemic"
Winner of the Writing Competition

Covid-19 Pandemic taught different things to different people. The learnings may vary from age groups to gender to profession etc. but one thing is sure and that is learning.

Me, being a stay at home mom, also learnt many things.

1. Value of Relationships

I always read and heard about forgiving and forgetting. But it seemed tough to apply practically. But this drastic change in the World, once again showed that the life is unpredictable. It can twist within the seconds. So I have stopped holding grudges against anyone. Those who love me, get more out of me. Those who don’t love me are still in my prayers for their wellness.

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2. Express Your Feelings

Sometimes we are too shy to express our love and gratitude for our relationships, be it parents, siblings, spouse, kids or friends. We take them for granted and assume that they know what we feel for them. But it’s always good to express your love to them through your words or actions. The bond becomes strong. Although the love doesn’t become less if you don’t express, but it definitely brightens up the relationship and brings smile on your loved ones.

3. Joy in Family with Family.

Earlier, weekends were meant for malls, movies and restaurants. One weekend at home and we would feel life had got so boring. But after the lockdown, me and family realized that movies on HomeScreen together, playing indoor games together, cooking different dishes together is so much more fun than those outings where we were together only physically and not involved emotionally.

4. The Real Happiness

We actually realised that a Simple Life can only give you the eternal happiness. Being with the loved ones, being loved and cared, having food to eat, shelter to live gives you the real happiness which you can’t feel in any other luxuries of the world.

5. Kids don’t need toys

Although I never spoilt my child by buying everything she demanded. But yes, on weekends when we used to go to malls, we couldn’t resist but buy some attractive and educational toys for her which she used to play only for the couple of days.
But when in lockdown, we couldn’t buy her new toys, we realized that she was really happy and content with the toys she created herself with our help. So that meant a good family time with each other while creating that toy and also a lot of fun while playing with those toys. Undoubtedly those toys are close to her heart as they were created by herself. And the happiness in her eyes while spending quality time with her parents and having fun is priceless.

These are my major takeaways from the workshop which LIFE conducted in the form of Corona Virus.

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