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August 7, 2020
Vol 99, Page 1

The 99th Friday

The 99th Friday

What They Say?

“Teachers open the doors, but you must enter yourself.”
- Margaret Mead

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.”
- Aldous Huxley


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This Day for You - August 7


7 August has its special significance in India's history. It was on this day that the Swadeshi Movement was launched in 1905. The movement involved revival of domestic products and production processes.

The World Celebrates:

Purple Heart Day

National Lighthouse Day

National Raspberries N’ Cream Day

International Beer Day

National Water Balloon Day

You Share Your Birthday With:

Kenneth Kendall. Aug 07, 1924

M. S. Swaminathan. Aug 07, 1925.

Rajmohan Gandhi. Aug 07, 1935.

Abanindranath Tagore. Aug 07, 1871.

On this day:

1786: The first federal Indian Reservation is created by the United States.

1871: Abanindranath Tagore was born.

1905: Indian National Congress declares boycott of British goods.

1985: Geet Sethi became the third Indian to become the World’s Armature

Billiard’s Champion. 1941: India’s Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore passed away.

Ada Lovelace - the Mathematician daughter of a Poet!

Ada Lovelace was a talented mathematician and the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron. Lord Byron is a world famous poet but as a father he was absent from Ada’s life. However, being a girl child abandoned by her father, she faced a lot of difficulties in her childhood. Later, she came in contact with great scientists like Charles Babbage and made significant contributions in creating the model of computers. Read more to find out how she did that…

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Before she was born, Lord Byron expected a ‘glorious boy’ to come to this world and hold on to his legacy in poetry. So, when Ada was born a girl, Lord Byron was very disappointed. In Fact he was so disappointed by the birth of a daughter that he left his wife and made no attempt to claim his parental right. Lady Byron was so furious with Lord Byron’s conduct that she did not reveal the identity of her father to Ada before her 20th Birthday.

Lovelace was a sickly child, and her mother was too bitter to her. The shock of her husband leaving her made her dislike her own child. Due to her mother’s ignorance towards her, Ada suffered from various diseases and took a lot of time to recover. She was so weak and sickly that she required crutches to walk. In spite of that, she was a very intelligent child who developed her mathematical and technological skills at a very early age.

From the age of seventeen, Ada’s mathematical genius began to grow. Her mother was so desperate to restrict Ada from taking up interest in poetry and arts, that she began homeschooling her in mathematics and science. Later, because of her scientific training, Ada was able to modify Babbage’s model of computer.

Charles Babbage wanted to design a model of a machine for only calculating purposes. But it was Ada who suggested that it should also have the ability to analyze data. Without this significant contribution, we would not have had computers to make our life easy. She even assisted Babbage with his invention for a year. In Fact she was such a genius that she wrote the first algorithm for the Analytical Engine of Computers.

However, apart from that Ada worked on her theory of “a calculus of the nervous system”. It is a different matter that she could never achieve it. Lovelace died very early, at the age of 36 in 1852.

Credits: Lovely Sarkar
Reach me at: for any questions, advice or feedback

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
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August 7, 2020
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Be Better, 4 Mins
Fun facts about Laurel and Hardy

Today is the death anniversary of Oliver Hardy, member of the iconic comic duo - Laurel and Hardy. They became a famous duo, in comedy, during 1940-50’s. They made over a hundred films together, and won a lot of awards. Their duo was so iconic that even today we cannot remember them without a speck of smile on our faces. Here are some interesting facts about this iconic duo:

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Who are Laurel and Hardy?

They are originally, Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel. Oliver was American and Stan was British. They became very popular for their over-the-top slapstick comedy. They were mainly famous during the silent-film era when they had to be very visual with their comedy. Laurel played the clumsy and innocent friend of the snobby Hardy and their silly adventures made the two the biggest stars of Hollywood.

What are their best films?

All of Laurel and Hardy films will make you roll on the floor laughing. However, some of their best films are: The Devil’s Brother (1933), Babes in Toyland (1934), Our relations (1936), Block-Heads (1938), A Chump at Oxford (1940).

When did the duo come to an end?

The death anniversary of Oliver Laurel is important here, as the duo came to an end in 1957, with the death of Oliver. But until then they remained the official team.

How many of Laurel and Hardy films have you watched?

Credits - Lovely
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Be Better, 4 mins


Indus Valley Civilization

Curiosity, 4 Mins
Why do some trains have multiple locomotives and some of them face backwards?

If you’ve ever travelled via train, you must have observed many freight trains and some passenger trains having two or even multiple locomotives with one/few of them facing the direction that is opposite to the motion of the train. Have you ever wondered why that is? What’s the point of using multiple locomotives in the first place and why are some of them kept facing backwards? Well, it has everything to do with power, energy and efficiency.

Locomotives, which are mostly diesel-powered, derive their energy from burning their fuel which is then used to drive the engine. Now, a single locomotive produces a set amount of power that can be used to drive the train forward. But more often than not, especially with trains having a heavy load like freight trains, they require more punch. This additional power is supplied by the additional locomotive(s).

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For example, imagine a scenario where a freight train, having a single locomotive, with some heavy cargo, is being tugged up a hill. Now, all that power(power to drive the train forward + power to climb up the hill) is being supplied by the one locomotive. This creates an imbalance of load distribution which can have disastrous results. If an additional locomotive were present, the load distribution would have been balanced out with the first locomotive pulling the cars up the hill and the rear locomotive pushing them ahead. This was just an example and the locomotives can be added further if more power is required at any point in the train’s route.

Now, as for why some of them face backwards, the answer is simply because it that was its initial orientation and it would have been quite an energy-intensive task to reverse the engine’s orientation. Since the locomotive would produce the same amount of power facing either direction, it is simply more prudent to keep them facing the way that they were.

Credits: Arko
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Curiosity, 4 mins

August 7, 2020
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Curiosity is a habit that dims with age, but it is a vital tool for personal growth, building relationships, and optimal learning. How do we encourage the continuation of curiosity? This exercise encourages both kids and the adult to explore a familiar task with Curiosity.


1) Plan your "Curiosity Mission." Choose a task/ routine you do often- it could be making your bed in the morning, cleaning up after dinner, taking a walk in the park, etc. Your Curiosity Mission will be to find how many ways you can do things differently than you normally would. But first, you need to…

2)Make your curiosity glasses. Using paper, pipe cleaners, or any other materials you have on hand, make some "curiosity glasses" for each participant (child and adult!) that will be completing the Curiosity Mission. Explain that while you are wearing these glasses, your focus will be on doing things differently than they've been done before- once you put them on, the Curiosity Mission has commenced!
3) Do your common task/ routine in new ways. Encourage the your parents to find new ways of doing things. For example, can you open a car door facing away from the car (backwards)? Take a different route to the park? Get down low-what does the kitchen look like if you sit on the floor? Follow you and your parents’ curiosity to see where it takes you. Also notice how you encourage or discourage curiosity.
In particular, you can pay attention to how you communicate fear vs. safety and disapproval vs. acceptance. Of course, keeping your safety in mind, become personally curious about what you say "yes" to and what you say “no" to. How do you decide what is “safe" and what is “not safe"?

Did you know that many times, adults constrain children's curiosity through
1) Fear, 2)Disapproval and 3) Absence.

How can you encourage more curiosity?
Learn more!

Take a picture of yourself in your curiosity glasses and share your Curiosity Mission with everyone on Facebook or Instagram and tell us too! Tag us at @theschoolsocial and we will share your project with our readers.


How did it feel to explore your common task in curious ways? How can you make your life filled with curiosity?


Tell us your views

On a daily basis, do you try to improve yourself and get smarter? How?


Got Love for Words? Be a proud



First recorded use in 1714



Meaning: involving the ratio between the square roots of the cubes of given terms

Usage: This extraordinary production is memorable as having announced the discovery of the "third law" - that of the sesquiplicate ratio between the planetary periods and distances.

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August 7, 2020
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Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Massive Blasts Rock Beirut, Lebanon.
Massive explosions have killed over 135 people and injured thousands in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The blasts have caused so much damage that the city is struggling to respond.

SpaceX's Endeavour Spacecraft Successfully Returns NASA Astronauts To Earth.
SpaceX's first-ever passenger flight to the International Space Station (ISS) ended successfully when Crew Dragon Endeavour splashed into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. During their total 64 days in space, the astronaut duo completed 1,024 orbits around Earth and traveled 27,147,284 miles.

THE Happy Pill

The Oxford City Council has secured 124 rooms of interim housing for the next year, ensuring there will be no need to return to the streets for former homeless folks that are currently housed in hotels and student blocks.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

Happy News
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August 7, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog


About the Author:

Grade 6, Bal Bharati Public School,

In these troubles we have today
I have something to say
Maybe these days feel long
As a country we have to stand strong
Lockdown everywhere, everyone at home
There is no place to roam
Markets are shut
Big lock on Pizza Hut
No movie theatres to go
But the courage is not low
We will fight together
But don’t keep any get-together
Don’t come out. Please, please
Unless you have some urgent needs
Animals and birds are wandering out
We are having our classes on Hangout
Don’t panic. Be at home

August 7, 2020 Credits

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