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June 1, 2020
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Summer School Summer School
What They Say?

“It is time for parents to teach young people that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”
Maya Angelou

“Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.”
James Baldwin

What XKCD Means?

About XKCD: The comic is the brainchild of an actual rocket scientist – OK, a former roboticist at NASA, anyway – named Randall Munroe. His artwork is minimalist – stick figures with no facial features – but still amazingly expressive. And the ideas behind the comics are not only funny, they're often thought-provoking, too.

XKCD Comic Courtesy: XKCD.COM
This Day for You - June 1

The World Celebrates:

Global Day of Parents - In 2012, the UN General Assembly proclaimed 1 June as the Global Day of Parents, to be observed annually in honour of parents throughout the world. Read all you need to know in The UN Social Colument.
World Milk Day - Twenty years ago, World Milk Day was established by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations to recognize the importance of milk as a global food, and to celebrate the dairy sector.
Ganga Dussehra - Also known as ‘Gangavataran’ which means the ‘descent of the river Ganga’, it is a popular festival that is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm across India. Usually there would be mass gatherings in the holy-places of Ganges, but all events stand cancelled due to Coronavirus-pandemic. Pentecost - A Christian festival that celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit. The day used to be known as Whitsun, a Christian holiday. The festival is generally full of good spirits and is celebrated on the 51st Day from Easter day.
Beginning of Summer - United Kingdom
Beginning of Winter - South Africa
International Children's Day - Russia
Navy Day (Día de la Marina) - Mexico

You Share Your Birthday With:

1907 - Frank Whittle, English aviation engineer and pilot, who invented the jet engine..
1926 - Marilyn Monroe, American motion-picture star, who became a major cultural icon, was born in Los Angeles.
1937 - Morgan Freeman, Hollywood’s Big B!
1985 - Dinesh Karthik, Indian Cricketer.
1929 - Nargis, famous Indian actress born as Fatima Rashid

Famous Events:

1869 - Thomas Edison granted his first patent for the Electric Vote Recorder (U.S. Patent 90,646)
1874 - East India Company was dissolved.
1916 - Lokmanya Tilak roared ''Freedom (Swaraj) is my birthright'' at Ahmednagar.
1964 - Nava Paisa, established in 1947, was renamed as 'Paisa'.
1964 - Kenya becomes a republic with Jomo Kenyatta as its 1st President
1972 - Space Commission and Department of Space was set up. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) brought under Department of Space (DOS).
1975 - Cars in Netherlands must have seatbelts
1978 - The first international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty are filed
1980 - Ted Turner's Cable News Network (CNN), headquartered in Atlanta, began 24-hour live news broadcasts and gained worldwide attention in 1991 for its around-the-clock coverage of the Persian Gulf War.


The Apple Tree and a Boy!

Very long ago, there lived a huge apple tree offering tasty apples to the people. A little boy became a close friend to the apple tree. The boy used to play with the tree, climb the branches, sleep under the shadow, pluck apples, etc. Every day he visited the tree, and ate apples. The apple tree was so kind to the boy and enjoyed spending time with the little boy.

The boy joined school and could not spend any time with the apple tree. After several months the boy came to the apple tree. The tree was so happy to see the boy and asked him to play with it. The boy said that he was not a little one to play with the trees. But he had another request to the tree.
The tree asked what he wanted. The boy said that he needed toys to play, but his parents did not have sufficient money to buy toys for him.
The tree replied, ‘Dear boy, I do not have any money to buy toys for you, but you can pick the apples, sell them, get money and buy the toys you need.’ The apple tree was eagerly waiting to see the boy return. The boy went happily after plucking apples, but never returned for several years.
The tree was so sad and it did not produce any apples thereafter.
After almost 10 years, the boy returned to the apple tree as a youngster. The apple tree immediately recognized the boy and was happy to see him. The tree asked him to play again. The boy said, ‘I’m sorry I don’t have time to play with you as I have to work. We are building a new home and need some wood for it. Can you please help me?
The apple tree replied, ‘Oh my dear boy, please cut my branches and get the needed quantity of wood, as much as you want.’
The boy started to cut the branches of the tree and left the place. After several years, the boy returned as a middle aged man to the tree. The tree, which was waiting for years to see the boy, was quite delighted.
The apple tree asked, ‘Can you play with me now?’
The boy, who is now an aged man replied, ‘I’m old now and I want to relax myself from heavy work. I need a boat to sail to various places. Can you help me?’
The apple tree replied, ‘Oh my dear boy, I don’t have a boat for you, but you can cut my trunk and make a boat.’
The man cut the trunk of the tree and made the boat. He happily sailed to various places but never returned to the tree again, which now has only the roots!
After two decades, the boy returned to the tree as an old man. The tree recognized him and told, ‘Oh my dear boy, now I have nothing to give to you!’
The old man said, ‘I just need rest, just give me a place’
The apple tree, ‘Come on my dear, take rest in my roots! Good old roots are the best place to have peace and rest!’
The man smiled with tears!

By Shel Silverstein

This is a life story of every individual. When we are young, we need the support of the parents. As we grow old, we ignore them and never care for them, but seek help from parents only when we need any help! Finally, when we become parents and aged, we understand how great the parents are! Whatever may be the condition, parents are always ready to help their children.

ART Aficionado

Art Work by Students
Shaivi Sharma, RPS
Shaivi Sharma, RPS

Marilyn Monroe

Actress Marilyn Monroe overcame a tough childhood to display one of the world's biggest and most successful hollywood actors. Her films earned more than $200 million. She is known for her relationships with Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, and, possibly, President John F. Kennedy. Monroe died of a drug overdose on August 5, 1962, at the young age of 36.

Read more to find out the story…

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At seven years old, Monroe returned to a life in foster homes, where she endured sexual assault on several events. She said that she had been raped when she was 11 years old.
As an adult, Monroe would state that one of her earliest memories was of her mother trying to suffocate her in her cradle with a pillow. Monroe had a half-sister, to whom she was not close, they met only a half-dozen times.
Monroe dreamt of becoming an actress like Jean Harlow and Lana Turner. When her husband was sent to the South Pacific, she began working in a munitions factory in Van Nuys, California. It was there that she was first discovered by a photographer.

By the time Dougherty returned in 1946, Monroe had a successful career as a model. That year, she signed her first movie contract. With the contract came a new name and image; she began calling herself "Marilyn Monroe" and dyed her hair blonde.

Monroe became a much-admired international star despite chronic insecurities regarding her acting abilities. She suffered from pre-performance anxiety that sometimes made her physically ill and was often the root cause of her legendary tardiness on film sets, which was so extreme that it often infuriated her co-stars and crew.

Throughout her career, Monroe was signed and released from several contracts with film studios. During her career, Monroe's films grossed more than $200 million. Monroe's most notable films include:'The Asphalt Jungle', 'All About Eve', 'Niagara', 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes, 'How to Marry a Millionaire', 'There's No Business Like Show Business', The Seven Year Itch','Bus Stop','The Prince and the Showgirl', 'Some Like It Hot','The Misfits' and 'Something's Got to Give'

Monroe died at her Los Angeles home on August 5, 1962, at only 36 years old.

Credits: Tarini Kaushik
Reach me at: 705tk@theschoolsocial.in for any questions, advice or feedback.

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
We Create Aspirations. Students who Aspire, Inspire.
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June 1, 2020
Page 2
Racism - A categorization of Human races, or a social evil?

According to the definition in britannica: Race (is), the idea that the human species is divided into distinct groups on the basis of inherited physical and behavioral differences. The word Race was used as a categorizing term having similar meaning as sort, type, or kind. It was first used in the 16th century to distinguish people of different biogenetic populations. However, for centuries the term has had a variety of meanings giving rise to several social practices. These practices are based on prejudice and violate the principles of human rights. Keep reading to learn more about racism.

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Human races can roughly be classified as:

Negroid (Black) race: People of this race have broad and round nasal cavities. Notable facial projection in jaw and mouth area. A square or rectangular eye orbit, large teeth. They have tightly coiled hair and skin pigmentation varies from very dark to light brown. However, the term Negroid is considered offensive now.
Mongoloid race: People of this race have skin folds covering the corner of their eyes. They have shovel tooth dental shape and juvenile physiological traits. Similar to negroid, mongoloid is also considered an offensive term now.
Caucasoid race: People of this race have thin nasal aperture, small mouth and teeth. Their skin pigmentation varies from light brown to white.

Keep in mind that this is an outdated and rough classification of human races. As the categorization was primarily based on outer appearances, these classifications are considered to be fundamentally flawed.

But since these concepts still exist in our modern society, we see incidents of racial discrimination everywhere. Such discriminations give rise to ideologies where one race considers itself as superior to the other. And the superior race exploits other races, violating the essence of equality.

Many reformers are trying to eliminate outdated concepts of racism to maintain peace and equality on our planet. We must encourage, accept and respect people from other races as our fellow human beings. Since we share the same food, air and water, we are no different from each other, even though we look different. This idea should be internalized by us to live happily as a species together.

Credits: Lovely
Let me know what you think about racism.
Write to me at papris705@thesocialschool.in for more information, opinion or queries.

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The Attachment Theory

Curiosity, 6 Mins
Applications of Biotechnology

In the last article we discussed briefly what biotechnology is and what its branches are. In this article, we are going to talk about the applications of biotechnology in different aspects of science, agriculture, medicine, etc. However, instead of providing generalised information of said applications, I’ll try to explain the same by providing various case examples for every branch of biotechnology.

a) Bioinformatics - Just to joggle your minds, bioinformatics is the use of computational techniques to study huge amounts of biological information. As such, a lot of research hours have been put in recent times towards the application of bioinformatics in cancer research. Bioinformatics has given us an incredibly efficient and cost-effective solution to human genome sequencing. This makes the identification of cancer markers in patients much easier. For example, if bioinformatics deems that a patient is at risk of oral cancer in his life, the patient can be warned by the doctors to avoid smoking at all costs. This is extremely significant in the field of cancer research since the disease has no known cure as of now.
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b) Blue biotechnology - Blue biotechnology/marine/aquatic biotechnology can be used to preserve aquatic and marine life and restoring aquatic wildlife to their natural habitat.
c) Green biotechnology - This is the area of biotechnology that has had the highest numbers of research hours put in. Two common examples of green biotechnology in India are Bt Cotton and Disease Resistant Crops.
There are many insects like bollworms, budworms, etc. that feed on cotton. This drastically reduces its yield and farmers have traditionally had to resort to the use of expensive and harmful chemical insecticides to get rid of them. Now, Bacillus Thuringiensis(a bacteria) produces certain proteins that kill off those specific insects. The genes(cryIAB, cryIAC, cryIIAB) responsible for producing said proteins have been extracted and inserted into cotton plants using the techniques of genetic engineering. This made the cotton plants resistant to bollworms, lepidopterans, and coleopterans without the use of insecticides.
A certain technique of genetic engineering called RNA interference or RNAi has been employed to protect the roots of tobacco plants from nematodes which have often resulted in a significant reduction in yield.
d) Red biotechnology - Other than green biotechnology, red biotechnology is another area that has seen extensive research in recent times. A common example would be gene therapy. Gene therapy is a novel technique which can be employed to insert genes into a person’s cells or tissues to treat a disease that he/she has been diagnosed with at a very young age. The first, successful, gene therapy was performed in 1990 to a 4-year old girl with adenosine deaminase(ADA) deficiency. Recently, a gene therapy clinical trial to treat leukaemia was deemed successful by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA).
Other than that, biotechnology is used to develop transgenic animals(animals with altered DNA) that can then be used to study their physiology, create models for various diseases, and study the effects and safety of various drugs and vaccines before they are approved for clinical trials on humans.
e) White biotechnology - The most common application of white biotechnology is the production of various enzymes for domestic as well as industrial purposes.
One of the milestones in white biotech was the extraction of penicillin from the fungi Penicillium Notatum. Other bioactive compounds like Cyclosporin-A, a clot-buster, has been extracted from Trichoderma Polysporum. White biotechnology is also employed by the pharmaceutical industry to produce new drugs that are safer and have limited side effects on the human body.

Although biotechnology is still in its infancy, it has made strides in creating novel techniques to combat diseases in medicine and yield reduction in agriculture. In India as well, biotechnology is still an emerging field and needs new, young, and enthusiastic minds to cement its place as a biotechnology leader in the world. In the next article, we are going to discuss the various ways one can venture into the yet-to-be explored field of biotechnology in India.

Credits - Arko De.
Sources - NCERT.

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Curiosity, 6 mins

June 1, 2020
Page 3


I Felt ________ When ________

Understand your own emotions by sharing situations when you feel various emotions.


Learn more about emotions and the “logic” of why we feel what we do.

Do this first:

Make Feeling Cards like the ones in these images.


1) In a partner or small group, one person chooses a feeling card (without looking) and reads it.

2)The person thinks of a time they felt this feeling, and they explains:
I felt (the feeling on the card) when (the situation) because (why they had that feeling) .
For example: “I felt sad when I lost my teddy bear because I loved it so much & I didn’t know if I would ever find him again .
3) The other people in the group then say if they have had a situation like this or not, and then the next person draws a card.


● Sometimes feelings seem like that happen randomly, but in this exercise we could see there was a reason for feelings. In your daily life, how well do you notice the reasons for feelings?
● When you were listening, how easy was it to imagine the other person’s experience and feelings?
● What would happen if we could understand our own and others’ feelings more?




Do you think social issues like racism and casteism still exist?


Got Love for Words? Be a proud


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June 1, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Schedule for class 10,12 exams released.
- National Institute of Open Schooling(NIOS)has released revised dates for class 10 and 12 board exams.
The exams will now be held between July 17 and August 13, 2020.

SpaceX capsule carrying two NASA astronauts docks with ISS.
- The SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule carrying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken has docked with the International Space Station.


Parents play a crucial role in building up a society. They carry the responsibility of bringing up the generation that is the future of any society. Like many other important concerns, emphasizing the critical role of parents in the rearing of children, with the Global Day of Parents, the United Nations recognizes that the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protection of children. For the full and harmonious development of their personality, children should grow up in a family environment and in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding.
Designated by the General Assembly in 2012, Global Day of Parents provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents for their "selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship."

Activity Time:

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How much do you think has the lockdown contributed to family bonding? If you think it is more than 80%, then you’re lucky. A lot of us are blessed to be around our families as the worst global pandemic unfolds, but there are a lot of our friends out there staying away from families or trying to go back to their homes. Let’s try to make them smile a little:

Activity - Create a Postcard with a message for a person not living with her/his family. Make sure that you share your warmth with a lot of love, care and colorful drawings. Click a picture and send it to us at write@theschoolsocial.in.

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THE Happy Pill

Earlier this month, an injured migrant laborer named Mohan Paswan was forced to hobble home to his 15-year-old daughter and tell her he had been badly hurt, he had lost his job, and there was no way for them to get home to their faraway village in India. 15-Year-old Girl Hailed as ‘Lionhearted‘ Hero for Cycling 750 Miles With Injured Father on the Bike.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork
Happy News
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June 1, 2020
Page 5
Parent's Blog

Learning from Nature


Aakriti Jindal

As a mom, I really feel that from the very beginning, we need to instill values in our young ones about what kind of human beings they should aspire to be. I like to write for and read to my little one about life lessons that I want him to acquire as he grows up. Kids are curious about nature and have a direct connection with it right from infancy. Here is one lesson I created about ‘Learning from Nature’, for my toddler. Hope you like it too:

June 1, 2020 Credits

1) Lovely Sarkar - papris705@theschoolsocial.in
2) Ipsita - ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
3) Arko De - iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in
4) Tarini - 705tk@theschoolsocial.in

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