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June 13, 2020
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What They Say?

"Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless."
— Bill Watterson, Writer of Calvin and Hobbes

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."
— Mahatma Gandhi


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This Day for You - June 13


International Albinism Awareness Day - Don’t know what albinism is? Check out The UN Social for a quick read! Spoiler alert: "Made To Shine" is the theme for this year's International Albinism Awareness Day.

The World Celebrates:

Hungarian Inventors' Day - Celebrated in memoriam of Albert Szent-Györgyi who registered his national patent about the synthesized Vitamin C in 1941.

You Share Your Birthday With

1731 - Martha Washington, the wife of George Washington, she is considered to be the first First Lady of the United States.

1935 - Christo and Jeanne-Claude, a wife-husband duo, famous for outdoor environmental sculptors, were born on the same date, same year, in different countries.

1865 - W.B Yeats, Famous Irish Poet and Writer, famously quoted for the poem ‘The Second Coming’:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre,
The falcone cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart;
the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world...

Famous Events

323 BCE - The king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, died in Babylon.

1922 - So weird! Longest recorded attack of hiccups begins: Charlie Osborne gets the hiccups and continues for 68 years, dies 11 months after it stops.

1955 - USSR's first diamond mine, Mir Mine, was discovered.

1983 - Pioneer 10, the world’s first outer-planetary probe, departed the solar system. The next day, it transferred back its first scientific data on interstellar space.

Deepika Kumari

Deepika Kumari is one of India’s best-ever archers, who has taken the sport to another level. She rose to fame in 2010, when she won a Commonwealth gold in the women’s individual recurve archery event. She then doubled it up with a gold in the team’s event of the same competition.

Read more to find out the story…

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Kumari showered glimpses of her natural talent from a very young age. Living 15 kilometers away from Ranchi with her parents, in Ratu Chatti village, as a child, when she had no means of practicing with the proper equipment. She had no choice but to train with mangoes as her target and with stones instead of a bow and arrow. She represents India in recurve archery and is currently ranked 12th as per the latest World Archery Rankings.

In 2009, Deepika Kumari won the 11th Youth World Archery Championship that took place in Ogden, United States of America. She was only fifteen at the time. With this title, she became just the second Indian to win this title. At the 2009 World Cup, Deepika, alongside Dola Banerjee and Bombayla Devi, bagged Gold in the women's recurve event. Since then, there was no looking back for this youngster from Ranchi.

She was conferred the Arjuna Award, India's second-highest sporting award in the year 2012 by President of India Pranab Mukherjee. The Government of India awarded her the civilian honor of the Padma Shri in 2016.

Credits: Tarini Kaushik
Reach me at: 705tk@theschoolsocial.in for any questions, advice or feedback.

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
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June 13, 2020
Page 2
Who were the most fearful real-life pirates?

We all love captain Jack Sparrow and his (mis)adventures in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. But in real life, pirates were a real threat to the people availing sea routes. They would capture a part of the waterbody and wait for passenger ships to enter their territories. And as soon as any victim pointed out, they would loot such ships and fill up their treasure boxes. Some pirates were so fearful, that they have made a prominent name in the pages of history. Keep reading to find who they were?
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1) Sir Francis Drake

Queen Elizabeth I named him “my pirate”. Sir Francis Drake was a licensed pirate appointed by the British Government to attack Spanish ships. Within the year 1577 to 1580, Drake made a voyage all around the world and raided several Spanish decks and captured a Spanish vessel loaded with Treasure. Upon his return to England, the Queen immediately offered him with the title of Knighthood.
2) Anne Bonny

Anne Bonny was a fierce female pirate who roved the Caribbean. As a child she was dressed as a boy because her family was ashamed of her gender. Later she moved to America and married a sailor. Legend goes like this, she and her husband journeyed to the New Providence of Bahamas. It was an island infested with pirates. There she teamed up with Calico Jack Rackman and started working as his crew. She was very fast to learn how to wield a pistol and was one of the best pirates in Calico’s crew.

3) The Barbossa Brothers

The tale of these two brothers starts from North Africa’s Barbary Coast. The two brothers Aruj and Hizir used to attack European vessels in the Mediterenian Sea. Their work was so lucrative that by 1516 the Ottoman Sultan had made Aruj the in-charge of the entire Barbary Coast. Two years later, the post was taken up by Hizir after the death of Aruj in a battle.

4) Grace O’Malley

Pirate Grace O’Malley was a woman who defied all the rules of the society that existed in the 16th Century. She was a one woman leader leading a 20-ship fleet and attacked the British Monarchy. She was such a woman that one time, during one of her escapades, she single handedly fought the enemy a day after giving birth. Legend has it that she and her ships were once captured by Queen Elizabeth I. She was 63-years old then. She pleaded with the queen to release her son and her ships and let her retire in peace. But once she was released she and her son went back to the old piracy business until she died in 1603.

5) Blackbeard

Edward Teach also known as the famous pirate Blackbeard was a major part of the so-called “Golden Age of Piracy”. He had a long coiling, braided beard and he hid single pistols and weapons in his chest. Legend has it that Blackbeard was such a strong man, that it took 20 stab wounds and 5 gunshots to kill him in a battle. He and his crew majorly attacked te French vessels.

So, What do you think about pirates now? Curious about pirates? Plan Your Next Trip to a Pirate Cemetery Click here!

Credits: Lovely
Let me know what you think.
Write to me at paparis705@theschoolsocial.in for more information, opinion or queries.

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Alexander The Great

Curiosity, 4 Mins
Africa: Some Myths and Facts busted by Arko De

“Hey Arko, I have recently saved up some money. What do you say, let’s take a trip to Africa?”

“Sounds good, my friend. But where in Africa?”

“You know...like the country, Africa.”

“You mean like the continent, Africa?

It is astounding how many people still believe Africa to be a country rather than a continent. I presume it has stemmed from the term “African-American” which automatically leads people to assume that the “African” stands for Africa as a country like Belgian is used to describe the people who have their roots in Belgium. As such, misinformation surrounding Africa is ubiquitous. Most of them are mere stereotypes although some of them have been born out of simple ignorance.

In this article, we will look at some myths and facts surrounding the second largest and one of the most diverse continents in the world.

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1) “Africa is a beautiful country.” - MYTH

Africa is definitely beautiful, but it definitely is NOT a country. It is a continent, the second largest in the world, comprising 54 different countries and home to almost a billion people. Sparing Ethiopia and Liberia, all of the other nations were colonised by Europeans and gained independence only after WWII.

2) “Africa is home to one of the world’s oldest universities.” - FACT

The University of Timbuktu, which comprises three mosques, was built in 982 CE and is one of the oldest known educational institutions.

3) “Africa is a land where wild animals, and often dangerous ones, roam freely everywhere.” - MYTH

Animals, unless given special care and attention, dislike the company of humans. As a matter of fact, most are scared of humans. Hence, they generally travel in groups and stick to themselves, away from human contact. One would rarely find a scary animal roaming freely in the city centre. The most dangerous animal you might probably find there is....another human being.

4) “There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt.” - FACT

People often associate pyramids with Egypt and Egypt alone when in fact Sudan has a total of 223 pyramids - almost twice the number of pyramids that Egypt has.

5) “Africa is a country which is perpetually hot.” - FACT

Firstly, as mentioned before, Africa is not a country, it is a continent - a very large one in fact. Although most of Africa lies in the tropical zone, parts of it stretch into the temperate zones. Hence, northern and southern Africa often experience frosty winters while central Africa experiences the typical tropical climate all year round. Fun fact: There are ski fields in Lesotho while the world’s hottest surface temperature of 58°C was purportedly recorded in El Azizia.

6) “It is the largest source of gold.” - FACT

Part of the reason for the colonization of many African countries was their rich gold deposits. Africa has the single largest source of gold in the entire world. Reportedly, almost half the world’s gold has been mined from Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Credits - Arko De.
Sources - signatureafricansafaris.com, thecommonwanderer.com

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Curiosity, 4 Mins

June 13, 2020
Page 3



Today you’ll make an “EmoMonster card ” to explore feelings -- grow emotion vocabulary to increase insight to self and others.


Learn more about emotions and feeling words


1. Print the Emo Cards, if not possible, just keep them in front of you. What do you notice about the cards? What parts of a monster show emotion? (shape and sizes of head, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, tongue, teeth) What categories do the EmoCards have? Do you notice similar emotions in the color categories (Mad, Sad, Happy, Surprised)?

2. Now make your own EmoMonster card. Draw on a blank piece of paper your monster to express a brand new emotion . This emotion could be a blend of emotions in a specific intensity (for example anger + sadness + fear).

3. Name the emotion and write the name on the bottom of the page. Color your emotion to fit in with the color categories of the EmoCards or make up your own new color that best fits the EmoMonster.

4. Share your EmoMonster with a partner and post to display your EmoMonster with others.


● What blend of emotions does your EmoMonster share? Name or describe these feelings to your partner.
● What does it tell you that there are so many different EmoMonsters in our collection?
● What are some of the ways the EmoMonsters are similar? What does that tell us?

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Do you recognize discrimination based on various factors in your day-to-day life?


Got Love for Words? Be a proud


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June 13, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

-> Xiaomi launched the Mi NoteBook and Mi Notebook Horizon Edition in India.
-> The variants will come with Intel's latest 10th Generation processor, discrete graphics card from NVIDIA on select variants, and fast SSD storage with Windows 10 preloaded.

-> IIT-Madras has topped the 'overall' list of 'India Rankings 2020' for Higher Educational Institutions released by the HRD Ministry.
-> Indian Institute of Science-Bengaluru, JNU and Banaras Hindu University have been ranked as the top three universities.
-> Delhi University's Miranda House has been ranked as the best college in India, followed by Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

The UN Social: International Albinism Awareness Day
The UN Social: International Albinism Awareness Day

Albinism? Can’t relate to the term? Have you seen friends or people with white skin, with light or no color? Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited difference present at birth, and not a disease. In almost all types of albinism, both parents must carry the gene for it to be passed on, even if they do not have albinism themselves. Albinism results in a lack of pigmentation (melanin) in the hair, skin and eyes, causing vulnerability to the sun and bright light. As a result, almost all people with albinism are visually impaired and are prone to developing skin cancer. There is no cure for the absence of melanin that is central to albinism.

People with albinism face multiple forms of discrimination worldwide. Albinism is still profoundly misunderstood, socially and medically. The physical appearance of persons with albinism is often the object of erroneous beliefs and myths influenced by superstition, which foster their marginalization and social exclusion. This leads to various forms of stigma and discrimination, hence the need for a day to recognize their presence.

“Made To Shine" is the theme for this year's International Albinism Awareness Day. The theme was chosen to celebrate the achievements and successes of persons with albinism worldwide. It is also a call to stand in solidarity with people with albinism through their challenges.


THE Happy Pill

These Good Samaritans are being hailed as heroes after they used CPR to save the life of a baby deer they found drifting in a Texas lake last week.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork

Happy News
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June 13, 2020
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Your Chance to Get Published

We believe that talent is inherent, all we need are opportunities. Through The School Social E-Magazine, we give our young students, their parents and the teachers an opportunity to showcase their talent, share their stories and engage in thoughtful activities. Our daily issues have brought a lot of talent out of the cave and made hesitant people confident.
We invite entries from all students, teachers and parents to show their creative talent and submit their Write-ups, Stories, Poems, Paintings, Sketches, Doodles, Photography, and all kinds of Creative Arts.
Make the most of this opportunity and showcase your talent to the world outside. Entries are open for the following categories:

1. Art Aficionado: Poems and Creative Arts (Word or PDF format)
2. Fact Fanatics: Facts and other real things (Word or PDF format)
3. Reflections: Stories and Thoughtful Write-Ups (Word or PDF format)
4. Artist's Corner: Drawings, Sketches, Paintings, Doodles, Photography, Art and Craft (Image format)
5. Talent Treasure: Music, Dance and Drama (Video format)
6. Environment Enthusiasts: All things Eco-friendly
7. Be the Change: How you have contributed to the society?
8. I Care I Share: Parent's Diaries
9. Be Better: For the Positive Perspective

Submission Guidelines:

1. The entries should be - original, as no plagiarism is acceptable.
2. Entries can be either in English or Hindi language.
3. Maximum word limit: 300 words.
4. Entries can be submitted individually or together by two people.
5. All entries for Talent Treasure should be of good audio-visual quality.
6. All paintings, sketches, doodles, photographs or other creative arts should be in good quality JPG, JPEG or PNGf ormat.
7. All written content should be in.doc, .docx or PDFformat.
8. The students and teachers can submit their entries on their own or through their schools.
Entries can be submitted through this button below or mailed to write@theschoolsocial.in. Feel free to contact us at 9711804070 for more details.

June 13, 2020 Credits

1) Lovely Sarkar - papris705@theschoolsocial.in
2) Ipsita - ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
3) Arko De - iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in
4) Tarini - 705tk@theschoolsocial.in

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