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May 12th, 2020
Vol 26 Page 1

What They Say?

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
—Mother Teresa

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest accomplishment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”
-Leo Buscaglia


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This Day for You - May 12


International Nurses Day is celebrated every year on 12 May to commemorate the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day - Fibromyalgia is a difficult disease to diagnose – there isn’t a specific set of testing which can find and diagnose it. Fibromyalgia Awareness Day is all about raising awareness for this disease and supporting further research into eventually finding a cure.

You Share Your Birthday With

1820 - Florence Nightingale (Famous nurse who started nursing school)
1907 - Katherine Hepburn (Actress)
1925 - Yogi Berra (Baseball Player)
1968 - Tony Hawk (Skateboard Star)

What happened today?

1459: Rao Jodha founded Jodhpur.
1949: The Soviet Union lifts its blockade of Berlin.
1949: Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (Nehru’s Sister) received as 1st foreign woman ambassador in USA.
1965: The Soviet spacecraft Luna 5 crashes on the Moon.
1970: Ernie Banks becomes the ninth member of the 500 home run club.
1997: The Angels scored 13 runs in a single baseball inning.
2008: An earthquake in Sichuan, China, killed more than 69000 people.

ART Aficionado

Art Work by Students

Florence Nightingale aka “The Lady with the Lamp

“Rather, ten times, die in the surf, heralding the way to a new world, than stand idly on the shore.”

A lot of famous people were born on this date, the 12th of May - Rami Malek, Marcelo, Emily Vancamp, and the woman who revolutionized modern nursing - Florence Nightingale.
Florence Nightingale was a British nurse, a statistician, and a social reformer who is known for her selfless medical care to those wounded in the Crimean War and her push for modern, scientifically based, nursing education.
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Florence Nightingale was born to a posh family in Florence, Italy, and was educated in classical Italian, French, German, mathematics, and history. In 1844, she made up her mind to work at hospitals and help the poor and needy. During those times, “nursing” was a heavily stigmatized career and ergo, Florence received a lot of flak for choosing a “lesser” profession. However, despite her parents’ dissuasion, she began her training at a few hospitals and healthcare centers. Then, she received her parents’ consent to receive her formal training in nursing at Kaiserworth, a German nursing and teaching school. In 1853, she became the superintendent of the Institution for Sick Gentlewoman in Distressed Circumstances. This opportunity provided her with the independence from her family that she yearned for.

When the Crimean War(1853-1856) broke out, Florence, in 1854, organized a group of thirty-eight, from various religious backgrounds, to provide medical care to the soldiers in the frontline. When the team of nurses arrived at the British military hospital in Scutari (present-day Uskudar, Turkey), they were appalled at the chaos and the unsanitary conditions of the hospital and the sheer apathy that the doctors had towards the soldiers. Florence soon realized that she needed for the doctors to accept her and her team of nurses and with her strong personality, she did. She also had a hefty sum of private money that was raised by the London Times with which she managed to obtain the critical supplies that were cut off due to poorly supervised supply chains. By the end of 1854, due to Nightingale’ s efforts and the government’ s, some order had been reinstated and the sanitary conditions of the hospital greatly improved. During her time in Scutari, she became popular amongst the troops as the “Lady with the Lamp” because she would give ward rounds to the injured soldiers at night with a small lantern in her hand.

During the war, Nightingale realized that some radical changes in the healthcare system needed to be effected, and her continued efforts led to the restructuring of the War Office administration. In her book Notes on Hospitals, Nightingale documented the structure for civilian healthcare institutions and in the next year, she oversaw the founding of the Nightingale School in St. Thomas’ Hospital in England which provided training for nurses. By 1858, she was widely regarded as an expert in the fields of military and civilian sanitation in India. In her book Florence Nightingale on Health in India, she also talks about artificial irrigation and how it could be a prospective solution to the problem of famine. In 1907, she became the first woman to be awarded the Order of Merit.

Sources - Wikipedia, Notablebiographies.com.
Credits: Arko De, iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in

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Inspiration 101, 5 Mins
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School E-Magazine
May 12th, 2020
Page 2
Be Better, 4 Mins
Digital Profiles - Why to take extra care?

After Understanding Social Media, trying to become Socially Smart, taking care of your Privacy Online, we head on to creating our Digital Profiles. Do you know the highest peak of sending and getting friend requests? It’s the beginning of a new session! Be it college, school or even a short course or camp that we attend, social media is the place where we get to know our fellows first, much before the real life conversation begins.
And in that, our Profiles play a crucial role!
But there are other facts too, that we sometimes overlook, but your digital profile can really make a difference there too:

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Your college admissions, scholarships and even jobs are at risk if you fail to make a positive digital image:
Yes, they stalk you, google you before they call you for an interview or consider your profile. A Kaplan Test Survey assesses that “The percentages of college admissions officers who say they have Googled an applicant (29%) or visited an applicant’s Facebook or other social networking page to learn more about them (31%) have risen to their highest levels yet.”

Are you a positive-activist wanting to directly work with the UN someday?
It can happen real soon, but your digital footprint would be a major change-maker.

Also, a lot of caring teachers tend to keep a check on students’ social media profiles, connect with them virtually and take care of their behavioral patterns.
If that doesn’t strike a chord then possibly you would relate to the fact that having a positive digital profile is just like maintaining your notebooks throughout your academic session, if you don’t do it right from the beginning, it might get really difficult to do it 6-months down the line.

Building a positive digital profile will take you:
Your Real-life Name (Pen names really confuse your friends.)

Your Real Face or Nothing (Please avoid using images of other people downloaded from the internet. You might want to click a decent picture of yourself, create a sketch or add the pictures of your favorite things.) - Display pictures are mostly public and you might want to be careful while picking them.

Most of them would need a cover - A cover picture is a way to tell the world about your personality type or just things you like, do or prefer to describe yourself. An interesting way of making it interesting is to use a quote from your favourite book and quote it there.

Align your profile to your vibe! Love it or hate it, people will get to know more about you through what you depict online and the way you talk about it. Let your profile do the talking about all the things you are passionate for.

If you’re applying for a scholarship or an internship, don’t fail to show up your work in your linkedin profile and even share a link in your application. A lot of people pick great opportunities from LinkedIn and you can get your profile there as soon as you are 12.

Social networking could be real fun if you’re a good sport and would not mind learning a couple of things about it! Tell me in the comments, if you would like to know more about any particular medium. Don’t hesitate to share your questions too!

Pro Tip: Use the same 'Username or handle' for all your profiles. A handle is what comes onf facebook / instagram as @yourname. It helps you when you become famous!
Be happy being mindfully social.
Would you like to have a LIVE Session with me to talk about it?
Credits: The Writer is an entrepreneur, an Editor, a Social Media Expert, Digital Branding Consultant, Online Marketing Trainer and a Positivity Enthusiast, all at 27.
Reach her at radhika@theschoolsocial.in.
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Be Better, 4 mins


Patch Adams - Official Trailer

Curiosity, 5 Mins
Good Habits We will Acquire after this Pandemic

What a year! We all had our own expectations from the year 2020. But the occurrence of a pandemic was definitely not on our list. Now we are stuck inside our home, with nothing to do, or nowhere to go. But all of this has a positive side too. Keep reading to find out more…

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No More Handshakes
For centuries we have been taught to shake hands as a gesture of salutation. We did not think how handshakes transfer germs and viruses from one person to another. But now that we know how dangerous it can be, we will find different ways of salutation.

Setting Our Priorities
Now that we know what is important in our lives, we will not waste time or take anyone for advantage. We will always make time for our family, and spend some happy hours with them. We will also rejoice and value our friends and teachers once we see them again.

Eating Healthy
It all started when a man ate bat soup in a city in China. This will always remain in our minds, and we will always inspect what we eat. Accordingly, we will consume less junk food and eat more healthy and hygienic food all the time.

Washing Our Hands
We never understood the importance of washing hands when our mothers asked us to do so. But now we do! Washing hands or sanitizing them, kills harmful microorganisms and prevents them from entering into our body. And we stay healthy and fit.

Caring About the Environment
Now that human beings have been inside their houses for two months, the environment has seen a huge reduction of pollution. We have come to know that nature is beautiful, but our carelessness was killing. We can all hope to make our world better, and reduce pollution together, once nature is healed completely, and we are back to our normal routine.

Do you think there will be more positive changes in us due to this lockdown? Let us know what you feel..

Credits: Lovely Sarkar
Reach me at: papris705@theschoolsocial.com with your questions, opinions or feedback.
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Curiosity, 5 mins

May 12th, 2020
Page 3


--Imagine you are in your spaceship, and stuck in a maze! How long will it take for you to come out of it` ? Click on this link to solve the puzzle and have fun!

-Can you finish this crossword puzzle?
-It is all about the Space
-It will make help you learn new words
-It is fun to solve with your family
Check out the Puzzle here

Read Frankenstein by Mary Shelly
-The first science fiction book.
-Its partly horror and shows the effects of modern day technology on people
Check out the book here




Does uncontrolled Social Media engagement increase our privacy risk?


Got Love for Words, be a proud


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May 12th, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Final Decision on DU Exams Awaited: Reports say that the Delhi University is considering conducting exams for only final year students. Examination Committee proposes to conduct the exams through open-book, online process, which teachers oppose. 1st and 2nd-year students may be promoted based on their performance in semester exams.

JEE Advanced 2020 Exam to be conducted on August 23. Union Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal on Thursday announced that the JEE Advanced Exam will be conducted on August 23. The examination is conducted for those students who clear JEE Main examinations.


Hello readers, hope everyone is coping well with the lockdown.

The United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary this year, during these unprecedented times of COVID19, UN launched an initiative called the UN75, in the month of January this year to mark the occasion.

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About UN75
In January 2020, UN launched this global dialogue initiative, and discussions have taken place in all settings, from classrooms to boardrooms, across the world. In order to reach as many people as possible, they built partnerships with youth, civil society, business and media organisations, and created a one-minute survey that is quick and easy to complete.
The UN is also working with its partners to take planned events into the digital space, and find innovative ways to engage audiences in line with WHO guidelines and local health regulations.

- Take one-minute survey of the UN and share it :- www.un75.online
- Check out the UN75 toolkit with guidelines on how to join, and inspire conversations and amplify voices through channels and communities for people to talk and be heard.More information will be added on online dialogues in the coming days.
-Follow @JoinUN75 and #UN75 on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and add your voice to the testimonials from people who have already taken part.

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THE Happy Pill

The number of people who have so far recovered after contracting the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in India crossed 20,000 on Sunday, with a recuperating rate of 31.2%, or about one in every three patients, making it the highest recovery rate lately.

Credits: @hindustantimes
Happy News
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May 12th, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog


“You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’ s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.”
-Robbie Robertson

Oh India! The land of culture,
And heritage which can’t be ignored
Filled with enriching diversity
This country is just waiting to be explored

Jammu & Kashmir, the land of snow valleys
Is the point from where we’ll start
With Persian and Indo-Aryanic designs,
This place is sure to win your heart
Moving on to Taj Mahal,
A wonder of the world
With white marble and Mughal carvings
It’s surely a symbol of love

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Next up is New Delhi
Which is a cultural haven
The Amar Jawan Jyoti burns bright in India Gate
Where the deceased soldiers have their names engraven
The Red Fort, Humayun Tomb and Kashmiri Gate,
Each tell a colourful story
About how the royal Mughals in India
lived with fame, shame and glory.
The forts, palaces and caves of Western India
Are filled with such intricate beauty
That if the job is to fascinate you,
They would be sure to fulfil their duty.

The diverse heritage of Eastern India
Is something that is often overlooked
With a calming presence and open designs
In no time, it will have you hooked

Last but definitely not the least
Are the beautiful temples of the South
With holy shrines and air full of spirituality
Divine gestures and Prasad melting in your mouth

The country of diverse culture
Is filled with so many sights to see
The underrated experiences would be
Something to set your soul free.

“Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children - are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.”
-Walt Disney

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May 12, 2020 Credits

1) Lovely Sarkar - papris705@theschoolsocial.in
2) Ipsita - ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
3) Arko De - iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in
4) Tarini - 705tk@theschoolsocial.in

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