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May 18, 2020
Vol 31, Page 1

Meaningful Mondays
Meaningful Mondays
What They Say?

“Teachers open the doors, but you must enter yourself.”
- Margaret Mead

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible, is music.”
- Aldous Huxley


XKCD Comic Courtesy: XKCD.COM
This Day for You - May 18


1980 - The eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington marked one of the largest volcanic eruptions in North American history.


1) 1868 - Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia.
2) 1872 - Bertrand Russell, renowned British philosopher and mathematician.
3) 1920 - John Paul II, Pope of the Catholic Church.
4) 1933 - H.D. Deve Gowda, Indian politician.
5) 1946 - Andreas Katsulas, American actor.
6) 1971 - Rekha, Indian actress.
7) 1988 - Zain Imam, Indian actor.

Events in History:

1) 1642 - Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve founded Montreal.
2) 1860 - Abraham Lincoln became the Republic candidate for the U.S. presidency.
3) 1883 - Walter Gropius, an influential german architect and educator, was born in Berlin.
4) 1896 - The U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation in the Plessy v. Ferguson case provided that the provided segregated facilities were equal for all.
5) 1899 - The first of many international conferences that eventually led to the birth of the Hague Convention was held in Hague, Netherlands.
6) 1940 - Brussels fell to the invading German army during WWII.
7) 1953 - Jacqueline Cochran, an American pilot, became the first woman to break the sound barrier.
8) 1974 - The first nuclear bomb test by India was conducted in Pokhran, Rajasthan.
9) 1912 - The first Indian film, Shree Pudalik, was released.
10) 2012 - Facebook held its Initial Public Offering(IPO) and managed to raise $16 billion USD.
11) 2017 - Roger Ailes, the CEO of Fox News and an influential Republican, died, aged 77.

ART Aficionado

Art Work by Students
Nisha Thapa
Grade 8, Balwantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan
art Nisha Thapa
Grade 8, Balwantray Mehta Vidya Bhawan

Ada Lovelace - the Mathematician daughter of a Poet!

Ada Lovelace was a talented mathematician and the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron. Lord Byron is a world famous poet but as a father he was absent from Ada’s life. However, being a girl child abandoned by her father, she faced a lot of difficulties in her childhood. Later, she came in contact with great scientists like Charles Babbage and made significant contributions in creating the model of computers. Read more to find out how she did that…

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Before she was born, Lord Byron expected a ‘glorious boy’ to come to this world and hold on to his legacy in poetry. So, when Ada was born a girl, Lord Byron was very disappointed. In Fact he was so disappointed by the birth of a daughter that he left his wife and made no attempt to claim his parental right. Lady Byron was so furious with Lord Byron’s conduct that she did not reveal the identity of her father to Ada before her 20th Birthday.

Lovelace was a sickly child, and her mother was too bitter to her. The shock of her husband leaving her made her dislike her own child. Due to her mother’s ignorance towards her, Ada suffered from various diseases and took a lot of time to recover. She was so weak and sickly that she required crutches to walk. In spite of that, she was a very intelligent child who developed her mathematical and technological skills at a very early age.

From the age of seventeen, Ada’s mathematical genius began to grow. Her mother was so desperate to restrict Ada from taking up interest in poetry and arts, that she began homeschooling her in mathematics and science. Later, because of her scientific training, Ada was able to modify Babbage’s model of computer.

Charles Babbage wanted to design a model of a machine for only calculating purposes. But it was Ada who suggested that it should also have the ability to analyze data. Without this significant contribution, we would not have had computers to make our life easy. She even assisted Babbage with his invention for a year. In Fact she was such a genius that she wrote the first algorithm for the Analytical Engine of Computers.

However, apart from that Ada worked on her theory of “a calculus of the nervous system”. It is a different matter that she could never achieve it. Lovelace died very early, at the age of 36 in 1852.

Credits: Lovely Sarkar
Reach me at: papris705@theschoolsocial.in for any questions, advice or feedback

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
We Create Aspirations. Students who aspire, inspire.
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School E-Magazine
May 18th, 2020
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Young Change-Maker, 5 Mins

Changemakers across the globe are altering the way we look at the society. Over the past decade, with globalization going local, we have a glocal-community building up, which is proactive for global concerns within their local peripheries. The catalyst in this growth has been majorly the ‘medium of internet’ and the drivers of this catalyst are the ‘Netizens’ (Citizens of the Internet) plus a tribe of Young Adults who are ready to be the change-makers by driving positive-activism across the globe. Their tremendous and untiring efforts at bringing something new and positive to the table has inspired millions across various fields.

Not just to glorify, but to dig deeper into the making of these young change-makers, and also to see if we can join their tribe, we bring to you, our new column ‘Young Change-Makers,’ which will bring to you stories of very special young enthusiasts who live a normal life like us, but are making a positive impact on the society with their work.

Our debut change-maker is a 16 year old, who started his activism against slavery at the age of 13 and since then has been actively engaging young people in conversations around tremendously challenging, complex and harrowing topics such as human trafficking, exploitation of labour and modern-day slavery. He strives to counter them with warmth, compassion and hope.
Meet the Young Change-Maker Ishaan Shah..
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Born and brought up in the UK, Ishaan started looking at the world differently at the age of 13 when he watched a documentary highlighting how children are forced into slavery.

As he realised that none of his batchmates (about 156 young people) around him, had a clue about existence of human trafficking in the modern globalized world, he decided to create channels of communications to engage with young people and began raising awareness of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

In 2017, he founded Stolen Dreams, a website and communications organisation to get young people to engage with and actively drive positive action around human trafficking. Since then, through social media interactions, public speaking, direct engagement with communities, teaching lessons in school and now even through podcasts, Ishaan has successfully spread his message widely amongst both young and older people around him and globally as well. He has expanded his organization to tackle other major global issues like climate change and gender inequality.

He aims at creating a positive, action-oriented engagement and starting conversation around these harrowing and difficult topics. Ishaan has learned and grown from his experience over the past 3 years and is now on a journey to build his tribe.

Do you wish to join the tribe of young change-makers? Keep looking for this space tomorrow as we will bring to you Ishaan’s journey and also some secrets-to-success from his treasure box.

Check Out Ishaan's Work :@stolendreams

Follow him on Instagram :@_ishaanshah

Follow him on Twitter :@_ishaanshah

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Change Maker, 5 mins


Indus Valley Civilization

Curiosity, 4 Mins
Small yet Distinct: Countries Around the Globe

The word “country” makes one think of a large land mass, however not every country is huge. There are some countries that are really tiny in size. They are so small that some of them can even be covered by foot! Here are some facts for you about the small yet distinct countries:


Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. It is located in the Indian Ocean and is home to approximately 4,27,000 people, known for its luxurious resorts, stunning white sandy beaches and amazing crystal clear turquoise waters. Maldives is a tourist heaven. This country was once the colony of many Empires- the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British but became an independent country in 1965. Male is the capital city of this country which is also the most populated city.
Did You Know? Maldives is greatly affected by climatic changes. In order to draw attention to the concerns, President Mohammed Nashid moved the October 2009 Cabinet meeting to the bottom of the ocean.

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Located in the continent of Africa, it is the smallest country there. It became an independent state in 1976, gaining sovereignty from the UK. The economy of this country depends heavily on the fishing industry and tourism. It is very popular because of its scenic beauty and enchanting climate the island country whose capital is Victoria.
Did you know? The coco de mer, native to Seychelles, produces the largest seed in the world. The distinctly shaped nut can weigh up to 15 kilograms.


Jamaica,the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Kingston. Jamaica became independent state in 1962 after gaining its sovereignty from the United Kingdom. Jamaica is a parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Capital city of Jamaica is Kingston and the official language is standard American English. Jamaica is known for reggae a type of popular music created in the 1960s.
Did you know? Jamaica produces many talented sports people especially in track and field where athletes like Usain Bolt, John Blake and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce have excelled.


Fiji is an island country situated in the South Pacific Ocean about 3000 kilometres east of Australia and 2000 north of New Zealand.The archipelago consists of some 330 islands. The majority of Fiji islands were formed through volcanic activity starting around 150 million years ago Fiji became an independent state in 1970 after gaining sovereignty from United Kingdom.Fiji is one of the most developed countries in the Pacific relying heavily on its tourism and sugar industry.
Did you know? The International Date Line runs through Fiji’s island of Taveuni, so you can stand with one foot in the present date and another in the previous date.
Credits: Ipsita
Reach me at: ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
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Curiosity, 4 mins

May 18th, 2020
Page 3


Let’s Become Self-Reliant

Theme: Creating Real Toys!
Eligibility: 4 yrs to 15 yrs

What to do? : Don’t we all know that most of the toys that we play with come from China? It is time to ditch them and join our country in becoming self-reliant.
Take paper, scissors and all that you can gather from scratch at your home, and make a real-like toy to play with. It can be a puppet, a card-board car or a battery operated helicopter. Summer is the time to get creative.

Reward: Click a picture of your toy with yourself and best entries will get a chance to be featured in the E-Magazine.




On a daily basis, do you try to improve yourself and get smarter? How?


Got Love for Words, be a proud


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May 18th, 2020
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Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Beware! Fake CBSE Board exam 2020 date sheet being circulated on social media. HRD Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ took it to twitter yesterday, i.e. May 17, 2020, that the revised date-sheet for pending CBSE Board exams 2020 will be out on 17 May. CBSE released the date-sheet for class 10 and class 12 today at 5 pm. Students who have been waiting for the date-sheet are requested to visit CBSE’s official website i.e. cbse.nic.in to check and download their respective date-sheet.

CBSE has decided to prepare a question bank for classes 9 to 12.
The question bank will be available on an IT platform and will be 'user-friendly'. Taking forward its new motto of 'assessment as learning', the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to prepare a question bank for classes 9 to 12. The question bank will be available not just for students but also for teachers to incorporate in their 'pedagogy and assessment'.

United Nations-Habitat Programme

United Nations-Habitat Programme

The UN-Habitat Programme is an organization that works on urban planning and promotes urbanization as a method to ameliorate poverty, inequality, and discrimination. The organization works with its partners to build sustainable, safe, and resilient urban environments and communities.

The UN-Habitat operates in over ninety countries and employs a holistic approach to promote urbanization and provide sound technical knowledge to do the same. The programme saw its inception after the General Assembly resolution 3327.
The key areas that the UN-Habitat works on are - a) Urban Planning and design
b) Urban Economy
c) Urban legislation

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d) Improving the quality of life in slums
e) Promoting the establishment of basic urban services
f) Urban research
g) Rehabilitation

In addition to these key areas, the organization also aims to fulfil other internationally agreed-upon goals like significantly improving the quality of lives of slum dwellers by 2020, and halving the number of people without access to clean water by 2015. Aside from that, the recently adopted 2020-2023 strategic plan aims to employ a much more integrated and more efficient approach towards solving the challenges in the fields of urbanization and urban development in the 21st century.
The organization, according to its website, employs four main roles in order to successfully carry out its objectives -
a) Think: Using the power of modern-day technologies to carry out extensive research, monitor progress, and improve build capacity to develop a set of standards that can act as guidelines. Ergo, this embodies the UN-Habitat’s normative work.
b) Do: This embodies the UN-Habitat’s operational work by which it uses its superior technical knowledge and expertise to provide customized support to the countries.
c) Share: The UN-Habitat constantly tries to spread the advantages of urbanization and urban development by means of advocacy and communication. It also encourages and supports countries to bring about qualitative changes in national development plans, develop robust policy frameworks, etc.
d) Partner: The UN-Habitat partners with governments of various countries, intergovernmental agencies, NGOs, academic institutions, and civil organizations to bring about discernible improvements in urban development.

Look out for more to partner with the UN in this initiative:

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THE Happy Pill

Pedestrians all over the world are being encouraged to loosen up on their daily strolls through their neighborhoods by showing off their best silly walks reminiscent of the iconic Monty Python sketch from 1970.
Homeowners from Michigan to Ontario have been erecting signs in their front yards asking passerby to strut their goofy stuff similarly to the original “Ministry for Silly Walks” comedic sketch.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork
Happy News
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May 18th, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog


About the Author:

Grade 6, Bal Bharati Public School,

In these troubles we have today
I have something to say
Maybe these days feel long
As a country we have to stand strong
Lockdown everywhere, everyone at home
There is no place to roam
Markets are shut
Big lock on Pizza Hut
No movie theatres to go
But the courage is not low
We will fight together
But don’t keep any get-together
Don’t come out. Please, please
Unless you have some urgent needs
Animals and birds are wandering out
We are having our classes on Hangout
Don’t panic. Be at home

Parent's Blog

Parent’s Love - A Note from an Old Diary


Jyoti Sharma

The greatest thing parents can give their children is to talk to them about family roots. Parents with a high self-esteem breed confidence in their children through their love and care. Children who are brought up in a loving and disciplined environment, grow up to respect their elders more. More than physical comfort, a child needs love and care from his or her parents.

May 18, 2020 Credits

1) Lovely Sarkar - papris705@theschoolsocial.in
2) Ipsita - ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
3) Arko De - iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in
4) Tarini - 705tk@theschoolsocial.in

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