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May 19, 2020
Vol 32, Page 1

What They Say?

Everyday Lessons

Jai: Grandma, I have a hard time understanding the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita. Would you help me?

Grandma: Of course, Jai, I will be glad to. You should know that this holy book teaches us how to live happily in the world. It is an ancient holy book of Hindu Dharma (also known as Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism), but it can be understood and followed by people of any faith. The Gita has eighteen (18) chapters and a total of only 700 verses. Anyone can be helped by daily practice of only a few of its teachings. The word ‘Bhagavad’ means God or The Supreme Lord, Bhagavan in Sanskrit. ‘Gita’ means song. Thus The Bhagavad-Gita means the Song of God or the Sacred Song, because it was sung by Bhagavan Shri Krishna himself.



XKCD Comic Courtesy: XKCD.COM
This Day for You - May 19


2018 - The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the now-Duchess of Sussex, at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.


1) 1824 - Nana Saheb, Indian rebel.

2) 1881 - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the first president of Turkey.
3) 1890 - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese revolutionary, founder of Viet Cong, and president of Vietnam.
4) 1908 - Manik Bandhopadhay, Indian writer and poet.
5) 1910 - Nathuram Godse, the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi.
6) 1913 - Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, 6th Indian president.
7) 1925 - Malcolm X, religious leader.
8) 1934 - Ruskin Bond, Indian writer.
9) 1974 - Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Indian actor.
10) 1979 - Andrea Pirlo, Italian footballer.
11) 1992 - Marshmello, American DJ.
12) 1992 - Sam Smith, American singer.
13) 1998 - Riddhi Sen, Indian actor.

Events in History:

1) 1536 - Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII of England, was beheaded on charges of adultery.
2) 1571 - Miguel López de Legazpi, a Spanish explorer, established the city of Manila in the Philippines.
3) 1643 - The French Army defeated the Spanish Army in the Battle of Rocroi, during the Thirty Years’ War, ending the Spanish Army’s dominance in Europe.
4) 1802 - Napoleon created the Legion of Honour, the highest honour of the French Republic.
5) 1935 - T.E Lawrence, aka the Lawrence of Arabia, a British archaeological scholar and military strategist, died in Dorset, England.
6) 2001 - Apple Inc opened its first 2 retail stores in McLean Virginia, and Glendale, California.

ART Aficionado

Art Work by Students
Pruthvi R. Rajput
6 years, Surat, Gujarat
art Pruthvi Rajput
6 Years, Surat, Gujarat

Tedros Adhanom

You may know this man from the news nowadays. He is the Director-General of the World Health Organisation. He is also the first non-physician and first African to be in this position. Apart from his job to deal with health issues, Tedros Adhanom also holds a Doctorate degree in Philosophy. Let us explore the journey of Dr. Tedros Adhanom today..

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Tedros was born in Asmara (Ethiopia) on 3rd March 1965. From an early childhood, Tedros was a very sensitive child. He was aware of the suffering and death caused by malaria. He even lost his younger brother who was 3 years old, after suffering from measles. Dr. Tedros still considers that incident as a turning point of his life. He believes after losing his brother, he realised the necessity of global healthcare.

Ever since tedros has been very working for the betterment of people’s lives. In 2001, he became the head of Tigray Regional Health Bureau. Under his instructions there was a 22% reduction in AIDS and 69% reduction in meningitis cases. Not only that, during his time in this role, there was a significant rise in healthcare staff by around 50 %.

Soon Tedros became the Health Minister of Ethiopia. Though there was poverty, poor infrastructure, and a declining economic structure, Tedros made improvements in the Health Sector. Tedros took active part aiding to solve global health issues while holding the post in Ethiopia.

In 2017 Tedros was elected the Director-General of the World Health organisation, considering all the good work he did. As soon as he became the Director-General, he announced five priorities for the Organisation. These priorities are:
(a) health emergencies;
(b) women’s, children’s and adolescent’s health;
(c) health impacts of the climate
(d) environmental changes; and
(e) transformed WHO.

Even today, under the critical situation of the Pandemic, Dr. Tedros is spreading the message of unity and strength. Even though he has been tested by critical comments, death threats and racial remarks, he has shown signs of great leadership and patience and calmness. In the very beginning of the pandemic, he had informed all the countries of the world about the severity of the virus. Till date he is only encouraging more tests to be done in all the major countries.

He is really a true hero of our time.

Credits: Lovely Sarkar
Reach me at: papris705@theschoolsocial.in for any questions, advice or feedback

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Inspiration 101, 4 Mins
We Create Aspirations. Students who aspire, inspire.
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School E-Magazine
May 19th, 2020
Page 2
Young Change-Maker, 5 Mins

Ishaan on his experience while working on his podcast.

Hope you enjoyed Ishaan’s introduction yesterday.

Ishaan recently launched a podcast, 'Hand Gel For Humanity'. It is a series of weekly episodes that are designed to provide young people with various life tips as well as a platform to engage with a variety of global issues, where he speaks with some of the most interesting, inspiring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable people.

The aim of his podcast is to uplift people during this global pandemic. During this time, there is a lot of upsetting, stressful and negative information circulating on social media and in the news and so he wants to counter it with some positivity; to help other children and young adults look after their mental health.
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On his guests: The podcasts aim at starting a conversation around relevant topics like mental health, body image issues, climate change staying safe online and more.

Ishaan tells us, “So, the guests on my podcast are a mix of young people and young adults. We talk about mental health, body image, climate change, staying safe online and more - all of which are really relevant topics, especially during this COVID-19 period. The guests on the podcast are really there to give young people some inspiration, motivation, life tips and also some company during this period of isolation.”

1) In one of the episodes Ishaan spoke with Jasper Wilkins who is a journalist and founder of an organisation called In Focus where they talked about how he suffered from anxiety and how to deal with anxiety during this pandemic.
2) On another episode he was talking to Brandon and Brianna, the founders of an anti-sex trafficking organisation in America called 'Red Light Rebellion' where they talked about how traffickers are using social media during this pandemic to exploit children and how to stay safe online.
3) In the latest episode, he spoke to Shinjini Das and discussed body image, being motivated, being a South Asian immigrant in the entrepreneurial world and more.
4) The youngest guest on his podcast has been Vanessa(13) who is an international award-winning, motivational speaker.

Listen to his podcast with two teenage activists, Amy and Ella Meek, founders of Kids Against Plastic, where they talk about plastic pollution, their mission to rid the world of single-use plastics, their experiences with overcoming failure and much, much more.

Do you wish to join the tribe of young change-makers? Drop your comments below and tell Ishaan what inspires you the most.

Check Out Ishaan's Work :@stolendreams

Follow him on Instagram :@_ishaanshah

Follow him on Twitter :@_ishaanshah


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Change Maker, 5 mins


The Greatest Showman - Inspired by the story of P. T. Barnum (Jackman), the film follows the visionary who rose from nothing to create a mesmerizing spectacle.

Curiosity, 4 Mins
People who shaped IT

The internet,which has made our world a global village,started as an invention to be a part of American defence requirement; it evolved into one of mankind's most useful inventions.
Here we are to narrate some stories of IT legends.

Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn - The founding fathers of the Internet

Vinton Gray Cerf is regarded as a pioneer in the field of Information Technology, Cerf is one of the founding fathers of the internet along with another computer scientist Robert Elliot, Cerf designed internet protocols names transmission control protocol and internet protocol serves as a computer expert began with the United States department of Defence advanced research projects agency where he played a key role in internet development and security Technology. Later he also led the engineering of the first commercial email service named MCI mail.He won the prestigious AM Turning award or what is known as the Nobel prize of computer science in 2004.

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Robert Elliot Castle properly known as Bob Kahn is another prominent figure who shaped the history of Information Technology. Along with Vint Cerf, Kahn designed the transmission control protocol and the internet protocol these two together form the fundamental communication protocols of the internet. For this invention and other contributions made to the field Kahn and Cerf share the title of fathers of internet.

Tim Berners Lee - The guy who gave us the World Wide Web

British computer scientist Lee’s invention of the world wide web has indeed been a landmark in world history. He designed a system which helped users across the world to view web pages through the internet. It was while working at CERN the European organisation for nuclear research that Lee first describe the concept of a global system based on ‘hypertext’ that allow users anywhere in the world to share information.

Sabeer Bhatia-The Hotmail Man

Sabeer Bhatia is an Indian American engineer who co founded the webmail company known as Hotmail.com which once had more users than Gmail. In 1994 Bhatia along with his former colleague Jack Smith started working on what later became a part breaking innovation. They setup Hotmail on July 4th,1996 and created history attracting more than 4 million users within 6 months.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin - The duo that made us a Google generation

Not many wings of the internet have been as influential as Google, the most successful search engine in the history of information technology. Its popularity is such that the very term Google has entered our common parlance. For any doubt regarding anything under and above the sun we Google it up. In 1998 is Larry Page and Sergey Brin launched their major project Google. The years that followed witnessed Google branching out to form new projects including the social networking site Orkut, Google desktop search, Google Maps etc. It is no less than our lifeline nowadays.

Credits: Ipsita
Reach me at: ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
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Curiosity, 4 mins

May 19th, 2020
Page 3


Let’s Become Self-Reliant

Theme: Creating Real Toys
Eligibility: 4 yrs to 15 yrs
Deadline: May 20, 2020
What to do?: Don’t we all know that most of the toys that we play with come from China? It is time to ditch them and join our country in becoming self-reliant. Take paper, scissors and all that you can gather from scratch in your home, and make a fun-toy to play with. It can be a puppet, a card-board car or a battery operated game. Time to get creative.
Reward: Click a picture of your toy with yourself and best entries will get a chance to be featured in the E-Magazine.


Students Short Film Competition 2020
Last Date: 21 June, 2020
Eligibility: 8-17 Years




Do you think young people can make the world a better place to live?


Got Love for Words, be a proud


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May 19th, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

Big news for college students! Modi govt allows the top 100 universities to start online courses by May 30. Study from Home initiative by Modi government: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman today announced that the top 100 universities of the countries will be automatically allowed to start online education courses by May 30, 2020.

Covid-19 has interrupted the education of over a billion students worldwide.
In such times, the optimum solution to sustain education is online learning. Schools are conducting classes online via Zoom, Moodle, and proprietary school software. The sudden need for online education has created an opportunity to experience how online learning can improve the educational landscape and policies in India.

Cooperative Market Development Program(CMDP) - Nepal

Cooperative Market Development Program(CMDP) - Nepal

The UN CMDP is a joint venture program between the Government of Nepal’s Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation (MoLMCPA), and the UN Development Program. Its aim is to increase the quality, quantity, and consistency in the supply of fruits and vegetables in selected districts by improving logistics, strengthening supply chains, developing better infrastructure, provide training and support to farmers, and marketing.

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The program saw its inception in February 2018 and is active in Chitwan, Dhading, Kavrepalanchowk Lalitpur, Makwanpur and Nuwakot. It is planned to remain active until January 2023. Unlike 80% of other UNDP projects in Nepal, CMDP is funded entirely by the Nepalese taxpayers’ money. The project becomes more and more relevant as Nepal moves towards being a middle-income nation and fruit and vegetable production amounts to a large proportion of the nation’s GDP. It is estimated that almost 14,400 households of 72 fruits and vegetable cooperatives will benefit from this project and will contribute directly to the alleviation of poverty and hunger, which are the prime focus areas of this project.
Some notable accomplishments of the project are -
a) Bringing on board 70 primary cooperatives which represent the farmers at the ground level.
b) Memorandum of Agreements(MoA) with 18 local governments and 6 project districts.
c) Construction of 18 primary collection centres.
d) Conducting 29 Cooperative Management trainings for a total of 815 cooperative members.
e) Supporting National Cooperative Federations(NCF) to organize workshops to select office bearers for local governments.
f) Developing Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) guidelines with NCF to accentuate the role of cooperatives in achieving said SDGs.

For more information, visit -

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THE Happy Pill

The Amsterdam design firm Studio Drift launched another special edition of their spectacular drone light show—this time presenting a moving red heart beating in the sky as a tribute to healthcare workers. At the end of the 15-minute light show, the highlight of the night delighted spectators as the drones came together to form a bright red 3D heart in the air, which pulsing in time, as if it were beating.

Credits :@goodnewsnetwork
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May 19th, 2020
Page 5
Parent's Blog

The Power of Speech - A note from an Old Diary


Jyoti Sharma

Power of Speech
Speech is a great blessing. However it can easily be a big curse too. Say, in the case of friend circle, which can shrink because of improper use of language. While speech helps in expressing what one feels or wants to say, its indecent use can make our intentions misunderstood. A slip of tongue and use of unpleasant or ambiguous words may create bad blood among people.
Again, different people use different vocabulary, even ordinary language of an educated person may appear arrogant to someone who is uneducated. Thus, speech is not a gift to be used thoughtlessly. We must remember that an unpleasant message conveyed in a decent language and a polite manner can build strong bonds.

May 19, 2020 Credits

1) Lovely Sarkar - papris705@theschoolsocial.in
2) Ipsita - ipsita@theschoolsocial.in
3) Arko De - iisharpp@theschoolsocial.in
4) Tarini - 705tk@theschoolsocial.in

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