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May 8th, 2020
Vol 22, Page 1

What They Say?

“Life is playfulness…We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us.”
~ Flora Colao

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”
~ G. K. Chesterton


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This Day for You - May 8


World Red Cross Day- World Red Cross Day is commemorated every year on 8 May to remember the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross. The founder of the Red Cross was Henry Dunant.

No Socks Day- (Just for Fun!) The day is a chance to free your feets from socks and stockings and to give your toes a breath of fresh air. Looks like, no use of this day, due to the lockdown.


1884 - Harry S. Truman (33rd US President)
1926 - Don Rickles (Comedian)
1940 - Tony Tenille (Singer)
1964 - Melissa Gilbert (Actress from Little House on the Prairie)
1964 - Bobby Labonte (NASCAR race car driver)
1975 - Enrique Iglesias (Singer)


1541- Hernando De Soto reaches the Mississippi River
1886 - Coca-Cola was first invented.
1941- Paramount Pictures is formed.
1945- VE Day. German forces agree to an unconditional surrender.

ART Aficionado

Flowers in Autumn
Flowers are one of the most beautiful gifts of nature. It is a kind of ornament of nature that makes our world more beautiful and colorful. It also provides nectar to living insects and birds. It is autumn now, the blossoming of flowers is fading, the leaves and flowers are drying up and falling. However, the few flowers above are blossoming even in autumn.

Eyes behind the Lens

Ballack Moirangthem is a Class X student in Diligent Public School, Moirang, Manipur. His hobbies are photography, gardening and playing football.


“If there is no struggle, there is no progress” - Frederick Douglass.

Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass went on to become one of America’ s most social activist, abolitionist, author, and a public speaker. He became one of the leaders of said abolitionist movement which sought to end the inhumane practice of slavery in the United States which saw its inception in 1776 and lasted till 1865. His rise from humble origins to national prominence, an icon of leadership and defiance, is often compared with those of Andrew Jackson, the 7th U.S. president, and Abraham Lincoln, the 16 U.S. president.

Keep reading to discover more about his life.

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Being born into slavery, Frederick Douglass never even knew the exact date of his birth. During his years as a slave, he became subject to cruel and inhumane whippings, beatings, and insults for working too less, working too hard, as well as suggesting ways to mitigate manual labour. Despite all that, he taught himself how to read which instilled in him the seeds of freedom and defiance. When his owner discovered the same, he sent him to Edward Covey, aka the “Slave-Breaker”. On a particularly hot August day of 1835, when Covey hit him, Douglass, fueled by his inner rage, hit him back. A struggle ensued between them which resulted in Covey walking away, exhausted, and beat. Douglass considered it the most important lesson in his life because it taught him to stand up to oppression and be defiant.

He then escaped slavery, fleeing to the North, under the guise of a Navy Sailor. After settling in the North, he joined the American Anti-Slavery Society, founded by William Lloyd Garrison which spearheaded the radical abolitionist movement. Douglass, unlike most of the then abolitionists, did not believe that the American constitution was inherently flawed in the sense that it legally protected slavery. He believed that it fundamentally opposed slavery and it was nothing but wilful human misinterpretation that led to the legalization of the same. He supported the Republicans(who opposed slavery) and the Union cause. Though initially conflicted, he went on to become friends with Abraham Lincoln.

The victory of the Unions mostly ended slavery, a new form of racism arose in the south with the Jim Crow Laws of racial segregation and mass lynching and Douglass, for his last three decades fought for civil rights of the black people in America. He challenged the American citizens if they were honest enough, loyal enough, and patriotic enough to live up to their own constitution which entitled black American citizens the same rights as any other American citizen. He, until his last breath, opposed the fundamental discrimination that black Americans were subject to and fought for their rights, freedom, and liberty.

Credits - PragerU Excerpt.

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Inspiration 101, 5 Mins
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May 8th, 2020
Page 2
Be Better, 5 Mins
The Era of Social Media - It’ s time we Talk!

Can you call 2020 the peak of the era of Social Media? Possibly yes! That’ s the only thing keeping us partially sane (and also, the only thing partially driving us crazy). In these times of social distancing, when we are away from our friends and may be families too, when all things unexpected are taking place, what options do we have if we don’ t even meet our friends online?
Online is the new classroom - where we get our lessons; the play-ground - where we play, get fit and do the challenges; the canteen - where we chill, relax and gossip; and also the after-school activity centres where we get to meet people of similar interests. Online is the new normal and there’ s no choosing out of it!
But have you ever wondered how social media has perpetually grown and has, kind of, trapped us into itself? It is a pain to see accidents like Boys‘ Locker Room happen or realize what dangers could social media (SM) cause to the society at large. Let’s dig a little into what SM is!
The youngest of us (teens), was born when Social Media had already created solid grounds. Did your parents post about your birth on any social media channel? That would be a memory to mark!

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Friendster, the first ever social media channel, became public in 2002, LinkedIn and MySpace in 2003, Gmail - 2004, and ultimately the game changer Facebook (the one with all the aces) launched in January 2004. The latter single-handedly gathered over 250,000 student-users from just 34 Universities by June of the same year. Back then, FB was actually ‘TheFacebook’ and served the purpose of “an online directory that connected people through social networks at college”.
The journey of facebook precisely defines the transition of social media, or the establishment of it, over the years. Through its journey, from being an ‘online directory’ of students to the present (2020) platform that “helps you connect and share with the people in your life”, the very popular Facebook has made major transitions from being a utility platform “Facebook is a social utility that connects you with the people around you” to becoming a mainstream social media network. Let me decode it further for you:
Initially, facebook defined itself as a virtual network of people ‘around you’, with whom you would certainly be connected offline too. This version of Facebook, helped people to ‘keep up with friends and family’, ‘Share photos and videos’, ‘Control privacy online’, and ‘Reconnect with old classmates ’.
With the transition to the new space for ‘people in your life’, facebook started the norm keeping up with people who were solely connected online and may or may not have met in real life. This included friends of friends or anyone who was ideally just present on the platform, without any real-life connections (acquaintances, classmates, friends or family). This is precisely what social media enables - connecting with people beyond your immediate circles and also the only thing that is bothering us to rely on channels like facebook, instagram, snapchat and more these days.
Look out for this column to learn ways to keep your social media account in your control, rather than being in its control.

Credits: The writer of this article is a Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing Trainer, and a positivity enthusiast.
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Be Better, 6 mins


Coraline Official Trailer

Curiosity, 5 Mins
Who’s the coolest Prime Minister in the World now?

In all the public appearances during the lockdown, Ms. Jacinda Arden (Prime Minister of New Zealand) addressed the people with the message of ‘Be strong, Be kind’. With empathy and her immense faith in medical science, she brought the cases of corona down to zero in weeks. How did she do that? Keep reading to find out…

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Taking it seriously!
With the virus breaking out, Ms. Arden understood the seriousness of the situation, unlike most other western countries. Because of her quick decision making, New Zealand became one of the first countries to have a lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

Explaining it to the citizens
It is something that most world leaders are miserably failing at, but Ms Arden, with the initiation of the lockdown, explained why it is necessary to the people. She did not just pass the order and vanish from the public scene. She took all the measures to build communication and faith with the people.

Becoming one with the crowd
During the lockdown period, Ms Arden time and again came live through facebook to “check in with everyone”. In these facebook lives, she would be seen in casual clothes, carrying out domestic responsibilities like, making her child get a wholesome deal of sleep. Through these appearances, the people of New Zealand could actually relate to her as a person than a public figure.

Spreading positivity
Amongst all the chaos, Ms Arden made sure that the people of New Zealand did not get carried away from the ulterior cause - to overcome this difficult time. So instead of announcing war against the virus, the New Zealand Prime Minister preached everyone to stand ‘united’ against coronavirus, giving out a sense of community and togetherness.

Empathy and Transparency
No matter what the government officials decided, Prime Minister Arden felt the necessity and the responsibility of conveying the decision to the people. It led to the people developing trust in her, and her methods of dealing with the crisis.

If there was a medal for outstanding leadership in this pandemic, it should go to Ms Jacinda Arden. Don’t you think?

Credits: Lovely Sarkar
Reach me at: papris705@theschoolsocial.com with your question, opinion or feedback.
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Curiosity, 5 mins

May 8th, 2020
Page 3


Explore Indian Writers:

Read the delightful tales from the Malgudi Days by RK Narayan here:

Sit back, relax and have a fun virtual tour to the 2nd Largest Art Museum of the world - The State Hermitage Museum.


Got Love for Words, be a proud


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May 8th, 2020
Page 4
Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter

UK education tech firm expands online courses in India
Know More

CBSE working on reduced school syllabus for next academic session: HRD Minister .

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Write with UNESCO

To all our raging thoughts, UNESCO has a solution.

Who?: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Clutural Organization, is a specialized UN agency with a mandate to build peace through international cooperation in the fields of education, the sciences, culture, and communication and information.

What?: UNESCO has organized an essay contest for children (aged 11–14 years) and youth (aged 15–24 years) entitled ‘Year 1 AC (After Coronavirus): Pan India Online Essay Contest 2020’, with the belief that the power of writing can be leveraged to combat isolation, expand horizons while stimulating creativity.

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When? : Contest is OPEN from April 9, 2020. Later in the year, the winning essays will be published in a book entitled Year 1 AC (After Coronavirus): Essays by 100 Young Indians. All the young writers of the 100 winning essays will receive certificates of recognition by the organizers.


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May 8th, 2020
Page 5
Student's Blog

Glimpses of My Life in CORONA times

Grade 6, Bal Bharti Public School, Rohini,
New Delhi

In my life I never thought,
That anything ever could make us stop.
Man being a social animal I felt,
He is always free to move, as what his heart felt.

But then came 2020 in all our lives,
Which brought with it CORONA vibes.
It curtailed all inside our home ,
Giving us a feel of being alone.
My school was closed, my park was locked,
My Mom and Dad were too, stuck at home.

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That makes me think a lot and lot,
It is that nature is trying to talk.
It want us all to remember what we lost,
And gives us time to acquire that back at a cost.

The cost being to love our mother nature,
And keep aside human's selfish features.
Let us all come together,
And throw away this CORONA matter.

While sitting at home safely,
Let's promise to be nature friendly.

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Teacher's Blog

The Art of Learning

Meera M.L.

It happens often that we feel that studying is boring and get frustrated over little things. But all we need is the right direction to study effectively. Just studying and studying effectively are two different things. When you are effective in studies, you are successful in producing a desired result; which means that you cover the target/ goals within the stipulated time frame you have set for the same. There are no predetermined methods or guidelines for studying effectively. Therefore, before understanding how to study effectively, one should analyze and understand his/her capacity and uniqueness. We all have different styles and ways of doing things. Some people find it easier to learn by-heart the notes; whereas some find it difficult. Therefore in understanding yourself and your capacity, you are discovering unique ways of studying. You should also understand that studying right is an art in itself. Once you discover the right way of doing it, you are all set to achieve the best results for your next exam.

You can be smarter at studies by following these effective study habits:

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1. The most important thing in achieving this would be to change your attitude towards studies. Studying should not be considered as a task but instead as a process of enjoyment. Also you need not study for hours on a single topic, but instead dedicate yourself and focus on the topic with no other distractions.

2. The next important aspect would be to start getting organized. And when it comes to getting organized, you should have a dedicated study area, a proper time table, etc. You may also try to create a homework planner, wherein you enlist all the homework, projects, assignments, exams, etc. By having a planner you can easily align your time and effort to the works of higher priority besides the fact that you won’t miss out on any major submissions.

3. Being organized is also related to proper time management. Based on the knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, you should allocate time for each subject. Always set goals before studying; by setting the goal, you are targeting to cover certain number of modules in a fixed time. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the amount of topics to be covered. Instead, list down all the topics and prioritize the topics based on importance.You should also understand that your brain needs rest after every 20-30 minutes of concentrated work; during the break you may walk around, stretch yourself, or treat yourself with your favorite snacks.

4. In the process of learning, don’t forget your creativity. Kick start your creative side, and draw some beautiful relationship charts, schematic diagrams, flow charts, etc. correlating your topic of study in the sequence of turn of events. This way you can understand the events easily and grasp it at once. You may also use colors to highlight important facts and figures.

5. Also it is advisable to prepare personalized notes while studying. It is evident that the notes prepared not only help in retaining the learning for a longer time but also save time during revision sessions. However it is necessary that we devise an effective way of taking notes for ourselves. Notes can be creative; it can be a series of words which will unfold the major learning.

6. Lastly, the best way to learn is to teach somebody. Teaching somebody gives a better grasp of the topics learned. The process of teaching provides the scope of questioning the facts studied by us. Also the involvement of other people and shared knowledge reduces the risk of mistakes and covers the gaps which might have occurred at individual level.

Learning is a process, in which you enrich your mind and soul with knowledge. Once you grasp the art of studying effectively, there is no need to panic about the big test coming up; besides that you will score very well for the same.

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