fun learn with grolier

Fun Learn with Grolier

The School Social Fun-Learn Class is based on well researched modules that transform the way your child learns. Gone are the days when we believed that intelligence can be measured by IQ Score. There are multiple ways in which we can measure a child's Multiple Intelligence and develop on it. Be assured that you can do it yourself, with Grolier - the in-home learning expert, that gives your child the perfect learning experience while having all the fun. With a range of activities, you will also have the opportunity to pick the best games that will keep your child willingly away from the digital screens.

Know more about our favourite activities:


Fun Thinkers is an interactive learning tool designed to tickle your child’s developing curiosity. A great start up set to stimulate their brain power and foster their intellectual development. The set is loaded with lessons learned in an exciting, effective format! Kids love using the game-like Match Frame with Fun Thinkers books. The self-checking designs let children see immediately how much they know. Easy to follow directions and examples help kids learn on their own. Each lesson has a “More to Do” suggestion that extends and reinforces the learning.


We know that children will get excited & enthusiastic when it comes to playing games. That’s why our Logico program was designed to develop skills in visual discrimination, pattern awareness, sorting & classifying, sequencing, number sense, and letter recognition – all this, while your child is having fun playing with the Logico board game! Logico provides a lot of practice for those who need additional reinforcement and it also offers more challenges to those who are ready to advance in their thinking skills. Parents can rest well knowing that this program has been developed by experienced pedagogues and it has been tested for its effectiveness of developing the thinking skills of children.

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