Humanutopia was formed in 2004 by Graham & Carlo, both of whom have gone on to become the inspirational leaders of an incredible team of 20 people! HU was created from a desire to help young people make positive changes and to improve their life chances. Over the years the team has developed world leading courses through experience and results and they continue to refine everything they do. Learn more about Humanutopia

About the Workshop

"Who am I?" - 3 hours of transformation. The 'Who Am I?' workshop is a high impact day. It creates a safe space for young people to stop and think about their life till date. The course looks at how the choices you make can affect your future. It inspires and motivates you to take the right path. It is designed to help you discover your authentic self and unlock your potential.

The workshop will target Personality Development, Self-Esteem, Hope, Confidence, Happiness, Dealing with Bullies and Career Choices leaving each participant feeling great and ready to tackle the challenges they face everyday. The first part focuses on peer pressure, conformity and bullying. While the second part looks at choices, teamwork, leadership and aspirations. It's all about inspiration, reflection and motivation.

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