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Best of positive engagement curated for you and your young ones. Now give them the digital screens only for the right reasons.

We know your insecurities when you have to hand-over your smart devices to your young ones, even unwillingly. To give you the right reasons, we bring a digital magazine that curates the best of positive engagement for your young ones. Not only we make reading interesting, but also skim content to serve the curiosity of our young readers.
Serving young impressionable minds is our passion, and we take the responsibility utmost seriously. If you're a caring parent or a teacher trying to build reading habits in your child, we have you covered.


Read Where You Like

Now don't adjust your reading habits for us, we will do for you.

We follow where you go.

The School Social Online is a Digital Magazine that loves to use technology creatively and creativity technologically.
Bringing you what you need to read, how you want to read and right where you wish to read gives us the perfect reason to work hard every-day, only for you.
You choose where you get the e-magazine delivered and you choose where you would like to read it!
We will only follow.

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We value your time the most.
We promise to make you smarter just as you scroll down, and read.

Getting you all you need to know to get smarter, right where you are.
In this world full of information, how much do we receive, how much do we grasp and how much do we understand and how much do we actually remember.
Taking away all your worries, we curate best of reads in quick-bites that you can quickly grasp, in a simple language that you can easily understand, and in a creative format that makes it easy to remember.
We promise to make you smarter as you scroll, in less than 15 minutes.

Transforming How You Receive
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All things Important - Page 1

#1 Get to ready for going to school with us! - A new fun theme for every issue.


#2 Quick-bites along with long reads!
Choose what you read.


#3 Smart calender for Smart people.


#4 Creative Space for our Young Talent!
You can get featured too!


#5 Pin It! Interesting facts in digestible pins.


#6 The United Nations Social - Standing by, responsibly.


#7 Your Official School NEWS Repo-s-ter! - All you need to know.


#8 Read at your own pace.


#9 Students' Blogs is a regular column where our super-students share their thoughtfullness and creativity.


#10 Stories from around the globe that you can't afford to miss.
Skimmed for you!


#11 If you haven't, watch it now! - Movie Recommendations


#12 Our favorite yellow banner tells you the category and the time to be devoted.

#13 Lots of love from our lovely guest Bloggers! - Opportunities for all.

Blue make a great Page 2!


And a lot more for the Social Feeds!


#14 Raise your voice for what matters!


#15 Learn a new word every time!

#16 We love to hear it from you.


#17 TED Talks - By the people, for the people.


#18 Events you can't miss!


#19 Because we know what's best for you.

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