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Black Death: A Weird Pandemic that changed the world.

Although the disease persisted after the Black Death, it made sporadic comebacks over the centuries. COVID-19 has sparked interest in earlier pandemics on a worldwide scale.




Covid-19 is not the world's first pandemic that taught us so many lessons. One of the oldest pandemics, Black Death, taught the world the value for better conditions for the poor.

Those who had survived black death in 14th century Europe, brought about a fundamental change. There was a dearth of laborers, so a lot of the poor people got various kinds of jobs. As a result, the miserable condition of the poor people improved at a rapid rate.

1918 Pandemic - Improves patient care
The 1918 pandemic or the ‘Spanish Flu’ left the world with an earth shattering question - how advanced is our medical sciences? As a result of that, the conditions of the hospitals improved. A lot of preventive measures were taken by the public health sector in various countries, to improve their health care systems.

Pandemic and Art
Pandemics cause a lot of suffering and loss of lives. The experiences of such are expressed and recorded by the Artists of those periods. For instance, The Decameron is a masterwork by the medieval author Giovanni Boccaccio centered around the bubonic plague of 1348.

What positive changes do you think have been brought by the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020?


Charles Osborne spent 68 years of his life hiccuping. As a final ‘’screw you’’ from the forces of evil, the hiccups stopped just a year prior to his death.


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