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King John,

Some unknown facts about the Magna Carta

King John of England signed and sealed the "Great Charter," now known as the Magna Carta, on June 8, 800 years ago. A succinct and fascinating history of Magna Carta and its unexpected effects There are very few Magna Carta facts that are actually factual.




In 13th century England, there was a tyrannical monarch by the name of King John. He had exploited his monarchical powers and made many failed military advancements. The people of England were so infuriated by the monarch’s policies, that the country was on the verge of civil war. That is when a group of 25 barons came up with a document that ensured liberty, property and right to lives. It was an important document created by the civilians that the monarch was bound to follow. The Magna Carta showed the importance of citizens in a country, and could be seen as a democratic act. Many years later, it formed the pillar of the U.S constitution. Here is a list of 5 unknown facts about the Magna Carta.

  • Nobody knows the writer of this document
    The Magna Carta is Latin for the Great Charter for Freedoms. It was signed on 15th June 1215. It is a known fact that under the pressure of a civil war to be broken out in his reign, King John Signed the political document. But in reality, nobody knows who its actual author is. 

  • There were plenty of rejected drafts before the Magna Carta
    The rule of England had been one of corruption and exploitation. People had been trying to free themselves from such cruel Monarchs for ages. In 1100, Henry I had signed a 20-clause document and promised to provide more justice in his reign. However, he did not keep many of his promises and hence that attempt was proven to be a failed one.

  • The first treaty of Magna Carter was failure too
    The Magna Carter was first intended to cease war between King John and his nobles. But King John was successful to annul the treaty in 1215. He had personally petitioned the Vatican to oppose Carter and excommunicate the rebels. It was later in 1225, a 9-year old new king Henry III reissued an abridged version of the carter.

  • There are three clause from the Magna Carta that are still British laws
    The Magna Carter was the first model of the concept of a Constitution. So when the British constitution was under construction, the great political leaders took help from the Magna Carta. Of all the laws stated there, three specific laws are still relevant. These laws are freedom to the Church of England, granting customs and liberties of the city of London, and forbidding the arbitrary arrest and sale of justice. 

  • No “Original” copy of the Magna Carta exists today.
    That’s right! In 1215 a bunch of the document was written on the parchment sheet and distributed among the people of England. Four of those copies have survived the test of time. Of those four copies, two are preserved in the British Library today. But after 1215, a newer version came out in 1225 and 1297. And hence, there is no “original” copy of this document on earth. 

What do you think about the Magna Carta or the great Charter of Freedoms? Do you think that the citizens of a country should decide its law?


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