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What international apps are banned in China?

In China, numerous apps are forbidden. Yet, if you're moving there, there is a workaround. Get a list of all the popular Chinese apps that have been banned here.




As we all know, India has recently banned 59 China-linked apps including TikTok. However, in China, banning international apps is nothing new. China follows a very strict internet censorship, known as the Great Firewall of China. China’s internet is wholly government monitored and does not allow any access to the world’s most popular websites. Here is a list of those apps that people of China cannot use.

Yes, that’s right! Chinese people do not have any access to Google. Instead they use Baidu, the Chinese rival of Google Search Engine.

Chinese people do not use Facebook as their social media website. Instead their Social Media platform is WeCha.

Twitter is the micro-blogging site of the world. But not in China. Twitter’s equivalent in China is Weibo.

Whenever we don’t find a solution to any situation, YouTube comes to our rescue. But not in China. They use, Youku.

The most popular photo-sharing platform of the world also has a Chinese equivalent. And that is WeChat. WeChat is an app with all the features of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

Gmail is the world’s most popular email service. But this service cannot be accessed from anywhere in the country of China.

Google Maps
Google Maps is what the world relies on for going to places. But in China, they use the map developed by the Baidu Search Engine.

Do you think one country should have such strict internet censorship as China? Let me know!


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