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Why do fans have three blades?

Many individuals aren't even aware that there are several sorts of fans depending on how many blades they have. According to Indian specifications, all fans have three blades, and their only function is to promote effective air circulation.




Three-bladed fans are unique to the Indian Standards. Fans in the US or Canada generally have more than three blades. The reason lies in the kind of climate we live in. Read further to unravel the answer.

In the US or Canada where the climate is cold, every house has a centrally air-conditioned system. In those households, fans rotate at a slower pace to only provide secondary help to spread the cool air throughout the room. But in India, fans are the main sources of cooling. So, it comes with three blades to spread cool air to every corner of the room.

Another reason is that, the more blades a fan has, the more it will chop the air. Hence, its efficiency will be reduced. However, a fan with three blades has a perfect balance, and so it can produce a good amount of air, to beat the scorching heat in the summer.

In the western countries, fans also do not have three blades because they are used with lighting fixtures and hence need to move slowly. But in India, the lighting and the fans are done separately for every household. Hence, they mainly have three blades.

Do you have fans with more blades than three in your house? Let me know.


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