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Published on August 21 , 2019

I welcome you to a drive-thru, through the transit from
childhood to adulthood, the adolescence.
The journey of life each of us is going through.
Many see it as a doubly positive or doubly negative bumpy ride
which induces experiences, knowledge, get-aways, bonding, learning, and falling and rising together, the drive
wherein you enjoy the essence of not actually losing out
your childhood and not entering the adulthood in reality.
It’s the time when you can choose not to act your age.
Adolescence can have both negative and positive impact on you!
Either you can choose to fit in and want to be accepted or
you can stand out and shine like the pole star which unlike
other stars isn’t a part of any constellation.
It is a time when you adhere to unwanted pressures, lively
friendships, gaining knowledge, quenching curiosity, studies,
and newly found responsibilities to oneself and family etc.
It’s a well known fact that adolescence is a hard time but
with the support of family, friends and teachers it glides by
smoothly and this passage of your life turns out to be the
most promising and the best one.

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Aashna chadha
I turn 18 this August and I’m a first year medical student at the D.Y. Patil university, Mumbai. I empower myself by constantly seeking for a positive motivation and writing regularly with my pen pal and best friend desconegut
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