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Anureet Kaur

July 1, 2019
Author: Anureet Kaur

Hey guys!
As we are right in the middle of this session, we’re all laden down with assignments, class tests and other submissions. Isn’t it? So I just thought it’s the right time to share some real handy hacks that’ll help us through all of this, and please no thanks!
Let’s start with Math (the most terrifying subject for me)! If ever you get stuck up on an equation then grab a decent Hershey’s or any other good chocolate. (100% RESULTS GUARANTEED!)
Still stuck on the equation? Stop biting your pen/pencil and read this! Go to Wolframalpha.com and plug in the equation that troubles you the most and it will solve for you.
Now time to become fast researchers! If you ever remember your research work at bedtime and you try using Wikipedia, it displays a lot of pages that will definitely need a lot of time. Worry no more! If you ever get stuck in this situation then go to the URL bar where it would be written en.wikipedia.org/. All you have to do is to replace 'en.' by 'simple' and that’s it! It will display the information in 1-2 pages.
For school essays stop using Google.com use scholar.google.com instead! It works! Perfect essays.
If you are an error free work freak like me then copy your essay to Google translate and then listen to it. It is the best way to take find errors!

Daily Hacks
You are more likely to remember something written in blue ink than black.
Listening to your favorite song before sleeping will help you to get better sleep and waking up early in the morning and enhancing your mood for the upcoming day.
If you drink enough fluids in the morning, you will feel more energetic, happier and sharper throughout the day.
Googling a computer problem? Click on solved on search query and get answers much faster.
I hope that you all learnt something better for the daily school struggles.

More about the Author

Hello there! I am Anureet Kaur, I am 15 and I love writing! Writing is a way I can express myself. All my articles are on random topics but their motive is to make sure they bring change. I hope you like them. Happy reading!

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