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#WizardAyush - This 15 Year Old will definitely inspire you!

We were eagerly waiting for the Class 10th board exams to get over, so that we could talk to #wizardAyush about his super powers. A wizard with super powers might remind you of Mr. Potter or the Wizard from the Marvel Universe, but we are not talking about fiction here. This is a real wizard, with some real super-human powers. Don't believe it? So tell us, what do you usually expect from a 15 year old? Can be good in academics, sports, co-curricular or an all rounder in school? Shining bright in all of these, our young wizard, Ayush Chopra is a blogger, a vlogger, a social worker, a speaker, a National Squash Player, the Founder of SDGs for Children, Indian Ambassador at Teach SDGs and #sos4loveproject and on the top of the list, a delegate at Human Rights Summit for Youth for Human Rights International - 2017, held at United Nations, New York.

On any regular day, Ayush's mom wakes him up in the morning, he goes to the school, comes back and follows the daily routine of homework, tuitions and play-time like any other child of his age. Surprised by the amount of work we saw on his website, we were curious and asked him how does he manage all of that: "In my free time, I search and read about important topics and then reflect on them. Though it is not that I don’t play and have fun on the field. I love playing squash and I'm also a member of The Squash Racket Federation of India." We hadn't completely gasped in surprise that he told us about the workshops he took for 3rd graders in his School on sensitizing them about disabled people and problems they face.

Next, of course, we were curious about SDGs for Children and how did it all started? The mature voice of a young 15 year old told us how he believes in the power of the digital media and its use as a tool for transformation. "As I grew from infancy to teen age and started making sense of life, I looked at the world as a place where every flower had the opportunity of blooming and every plant had the right to grow into a big, verdant tree. But gradually I realized that the world is far from being so and there exist no equal opportunities per se." Ayush observed the real world around him and it was much different from the utopian world he had always imagined as a child. Where he and his sister had the privilege of going to an international school, Kushi, the daughter of the laundry man who worked right across the street, did not have access even to the basic kindergarten education. Ayush took the call and initiated his first step towards Sustainable Development Goals for Children. Initiating as an ardent blogger and a vlogger at the age of 14, 'Digital Wizard Ayush' has taken the world by surprise by doing things beyond the ordinary. He has used the tools students usually use to learn and grasp knowledge, to actually empower the under-privileged and express his concerns for the society. He has published videos related to 'Girl Child Education', 'Anti-Bullying', 'Road Safety', 'No Poverty' and has led some successful #SDGsGreenCampaigns. He also received the 1st Prize for a Paper and Video presentation at the 'Sustainability Summit' held in Feb 2018 at Xavier University of Bhubaneshwar.

Ayush Chopra is the ultimate inspiration for not just teens but adults too. His debut book “Shaping a fairer world with SDGs and Human Rights” will be out soon. The book is intended for age group 6 to 12 years and also for teachers and parents who want to know about SDGs and Human Rights.. He make us believe in oneself and the power of digital and social media to realize one's goal to be the change to make a change. You can see all his work and follow him, he's just everywhere:
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