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~ I Care I Share ~

I CARE, I SHARE - Parent's Diary by Mansi Raina

It was a beautiful Sunday evening. The sky was filled with playful shades of crimson, orange and pink. I asked my four year old son to accompany me to our neighborhood park. He showed no interest and like always wanted to watch cartoon on television. I tried my best to convince but failed.

~ I Care I Share ~

Take My Advice - Keep Your Young One away from the Smartphone Syndrome!

When I was 5, the most sophisticated piece of technology we had was a black and white TV set with manual knob to change the channels and adjust the brightness. Now, my 5 year old is now witnessing a high-tech era with ever new technologically advanced gadgets facilitating our lives, of which the most trending and the most handy gadget is the smartphone. It is absolutely changing the way we live, influencing the way we behave and altering the way we think.