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Racism - A categorization of Human races, or a social evil?

Racism is the idea that certain human groups have hereditary characteristics that correspond to particular behavioural features, and that these groupings can be split according to the superiority of one race over another.


Social Issue


According to the definition in britannica: Race (is), the idea that the human species is divided into distinct groups on the basis of inherited physical and behavioral differences. The word Race was used as a categorizing term having similar meaning as sort, type, or kind. It was first used in the 16th century to distinguish people of different biogenetic populations. However, for centuries the term has had a variety of meanings giving rise to several social practices. These practices are based on prejudice and violate the principles of human rights. Keep reading to learn more about racism.

Human races can roughly be classified as:
Negroid (Black) race:
People of this race have broad and round nasal cavities. Notable facial projection in jaw and mouth area. A square or rectangular eye orbit, large teeth. They have tightly coiled hair and skin pigmentation varies from very dark to light brown. However, the term Negroid is considered offensive now.

Mongoloid race:
People of this race have skin folds covering the corner of their eyes. They have shovel tooth dental shape and juvenile physiological traits. Similar to negroid, mongoloid is also considered an offensive term now. 

Caucasoid race:
People of this race have thin nasal apertures, small mouths and teeth. Their skin pigmentation varies from light brown to white. 

Keep in mind that this is an outdated and rough classification of human races. As the categorization was primarily based on outer appearances, these classifications are considered to be fundamentally flawed. 

But since these concepts still exist in our modern society, we see incidents of racial discrimination everywhere. Such discriminations give rise to ideologies where one race considers itself superior to the other. And the superior race exploits other races, violating the essence of equality.

Many reformers are trying to eliminate outdated concepts of racism to maintain peace and equality on our planet. We must encourage, accept and respect people from other races as our fellow human beings. Since we share the same food, air and water, we are no different from each other, even though we look different. This idea should be internalized by us to live happily as a species together.


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