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The Most Curious People in History

The Most Curious People in History

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious,” said Albert Einstein. Many of the curious people get tagged by their friends as ‘Madam Curie’. Ever wondered why?




What could be the measure of curiosity? Is it the will with which you look for answers to the imaginative questions that pop-up in your head? Or the depth you go into while solving the most difficult mathematical puzzles? If you don’t give up easily on any new curious thing you find, you are fairly curious!

Many of the curious people get tagged by their friends as ‘Madam Curie’. Ever wondered why? Yes, because of her insatiable curiosity. Marie Curie’s father always encouraged her curiosity in science and therefore she grew up to be the first Nobel Prize winning woman and also the only woman to win it in two different fields - physics and chemistry. 

So who else has been famous for their curiosity and why? 

Curious Scientists: 

Albert Einstein - For all that he contributed to science including the theory of relativity and the photoelectric effect. 

Mae Jemison - The first African American woman to become an astronaut. 

Curious Inventors: 

Grace Hopper - Known for helping create the first electronic computer, the UNIVAC I. 

Nikola Tesla - For his contributions to the alternating current (AC) electricity system and for inventing Tesla Coil, used in radio technology. 

Benjamin Franklin - The Founding Father of the United States - known widely for his scientific experiments with electricity, and also for his wit, wisdom and the elegance of his writing. 


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