THE MAGIC OF 15 MINUTES:Daily Reading Practice

“15-Minutes” Is The Differentiator Between A Successful Student And A Struggling Student In Terms Of Their Overall Academic Performance.

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Lack of sleep, Sleep deprivation, sleep deprivation harmful
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Sleep Deprivation : Lack of sleep & Reasons why it is so harmful

Lack of sleep, also known as sleep deprivation, can have a wide range of harmful effects on both your physical and mental health.

VPN, Virtual Private Network,
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What is VPN? Types of VPN, How VPN Works

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection over the internet. It allows users to access resources on a private network as if they were directly connected to that network, even if they are physically located elsewhere.

Venus hotter than Mercury, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Dwarf Planet, closest dwarf planet to the sun
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Why is Venus hotter than Mercury?

Venus is permanently cloaked in thick, yellowish sulfuric acid clouds that trap heat and contribute to a runaway greenhouse effect. Venus also has a thick, toxic atmosphere that is packed with carbon dioxide.

water tanks painted black, water tanks, Why water tanks are black?, Why are water tanks cylindrical?
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Why water tanks are black ?

Black is a common colour for plastic water storage tanks to conceal other additions that could degrade the quality of the plastic by making it less durable, porous, or useful.

COVID-19, COVID-19 vaccines,
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How are Covid-19 vaccines developed?

Before a vaccine may be commercialised or distributed for general use, it must pass through several steps of development, testing, and downstream processing, from the formulation of a possible vaccine to phased clinical trials.

The Earth’s Atmosphere, Earth, Solar System
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The Earth’s Atmosphere

The Earth's atmosphere is a layer of gases that surrounds the planet, held in place by gravity. It plays a crucial role in supporting life, regulating temperature, and protecting the Earth from harmful solar radiation.

IMEI number, an International Mobile Equipment Identity,
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What is an IMEI number?

All mobile phones have a unique identification number called an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI). It’s kind of like an Aadhar Card for your cell phone.

Ancient Egypt, pyramids, land of the pharaohs
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Things You Might Not Know About Ancient Egypt

Ah...Egypt. The land of the magnificent pyramids, the breathtaking Sphinx, the home to one of the oldest civilizations known to man, and the setting of all the horror movies associated with mummies. Here are some of the things that you might know about the ancient ‘land of the pharaohs’.

Weird Laws, Weird Laws around the world
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Weird Laws from Around the World

Laws are absolutely essential for the healthy functioning of a society. It provides people with a list of guidelines for acceptable conduct without which said society would crumble into anarchy and dissonance.

supervolcanoes, volcanoe, active volcanoes on the moon
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Scary things of the world - Super Volcanoes

Volcanoes are scary as it is, and now you’re telling me that there’s something called Supervolcanoes

Cyclone , Super cyclone
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The life cycle of a tropical cyclone

Volcanoes are scary as it is, and now you’re telling me that there’s something called Super Volcanoes

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On World Humanitarian Day (WHD) August 19, the world commemorates humanitarian workers killed and injured in the course of their work, and we honour all aid and health workers who continue, despite the odds, to provide life-saving support and protection to people most in need.

Spanish Flu, prevent the spread of Covid-19, Khumb mela, world largest crowd
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How did people protect themselves during the Spanish Flu?

The Spanish Flu (1918-1919) is considered to be the deadliest influenza pandemic in the history of civilization.

Mobile photos ,cellphones always rectangular, smartphones, Rectangular devices
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Why are cellphones always rectangular?

Rectangular devices are easy to handle compared to triangular or circular devices. For triangular devices, they would not fit in your pockets.

left-brain, right -brain, separate brains, brain controls, Functions of the Left Brain, weight of brain
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What is the difference between our left-brain and right-brain?

We do not have two separate brains. Left-brian is the left hemisphere of our brain and the right-brain is the right hemisphere of our brain.

Happy Birthday Paris, The capital city of France, Paris
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8 July- Happy Birthday Paris!

The capital city of France, the city of lights, that is more than 2000 years old was founded today. Since 1951, people of Paris have been celebrating its birthday on 8 July.

Mystery Beast of Gevaudan, Gevaudan, dog-wolf hybrid
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The Mystery Beast of Gevaudan.

The rural regions of France were struck with fear when hundreds of people were killed by a mysterious creature.

American actor Tom Cruise, Tom Cruise, Ernest Vincent Wright, American author Ernest Vincent Wright
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The Spies who made America independent

Every year on 4th of July, America celebrates its Independence Day. This day is a celebration of receiving independence from the British colonizers.

Guru Purnima , 5th July, Guru, Teacher,
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Interesting facts Everyone should know about Guru Purnima.

According to the belief that gurus are the intermediaries between disciples and immortality, Guru Purnima is a holiday that is observed. For remembering the Sikh Gurus and Vyasa, this day is among the most auspicious.

Tom Cruise, George Washington, Titanic,
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Why do movies have a great impact in our lives?

In addition, movies help us comprehend the harmful impacts of abusing alcohol, drugs, and other substances. Activism and crime TV programmes also alert us to the risks associated with crime, terrorism, and war.

buffet meal, Thailand, city of Lopburi, feast for the monkey, Monkey City’ of Thailand, Monkey & Human Being
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The Monkey Buffet Festival

In Thailand, every year, in the city of Lopburi, people arrange a massive feast for the monkey residents of the town. They build a massive tower full of colourful vegetables and fruits, for the long-tailed macaques to feast on.

Chocolate, history of chocolate, recipe of chocolate,
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A brief History of Chocolates!

The "food for gods" is chocolate. It is a delicious pleasure that we all like having. Chocolate always lifts your spirits, no matter how you're feeling.

India’s cybersecurity, CERT-IN, cyber attack,
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Tips and Tricks to be safe online

According to India’s cybersecurity agency CERT-IN, India is about to face a potential threat of cyber attack in the form of Phishing.

yoga positions, adiyogi, knowledge of Yoga, Seven Sages, Vrksasana
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Some yoga positions you should try at home to stay healthy and active

To keep fit and active, try some of these yoga poses at home. You can develop flexibility, reduce back discomfort, and reduce stress by performing a few beginner-friendly positions.

APPLE, India’s first Communication Satellite, ISRO, India’s Space Programme, Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment,
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Let us celebrate APPLE - India’s first Communication Satellite Launched by ISRO

India launched its first communication satellite into space. It was a milestone in India’s Space Programme. The satellite was called Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment or APPLE in short.

Indian Army, Facts About Indian Army
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Little Known Facts about the Indian Army

The Indian Army is the third largest Armed forces in the World. They are also considered one of the strongest fighting forces in the world.

Native Americans, Native American Leaders
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Who were the famous Native American Leaders who changed the course of History?

Heroes from the Native American culture excelled as warriors, authors, artists, and scientists. Here are some lesser-known accounts of bravery and accomplishments throughout American history.

King John,
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Some unknown facts about the Magna Carta

King John of England signed and sealed the "Great Charter," now known as the Magna Carta, on June 8, 800 years ago. A succinct and fascinating history of Magna Carta and its unexpected effects There are very few Magna Carta facts that are actually factual.

captain Jack Sparrow, movie Pirates, Caribbean,
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Who were the most fearful real-life pirates?

Contrary to what you may have been taught to believe by some cartoons and amusement park rides, pirates were not always a pleasant lot. Pirates were actually a real threat to the people availing sea routes.

mythological creatures, dragons, unicorns, cyclopes, Griffins, fossils of Protoceratops
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What are the mythological creatures whose fossils were discovered by archaeologists?

Isn't it strange that we don't think of mythological creatures as real, but assume them to to be fictitious. Let's know the truth!

dead languages, ancient India, mathematical formulas, prominent language, Indian literary tradition
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What are the dead languages of the world?

Our current languages evolved from extinct languages. They still have a place in science, but understanding them requires accurate translations.

Oscars Prize, Nobel Prize, National Awards, Bharat Ratna, Arjuna Award, Dada Saheb Phalke Awards, Ashok Chakra, Jnanpith Award
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What are the different National Awards of our country?

The Padma Vibhushan, Bharat Ratna, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri stand as some of India's most prestigious national awards, honoring individuals for their exceptional contributions in various fields.

Disney movies, ancient mythological tales, North Island, New Zealand
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Five Disney movies that are based on historical events.

Disney films are often based on old folktales, but not all of them have been modified from sources like the Brothers Grimm; some of them are actually based on actual historical persons and events.

caste system, Vedic Period, brahmana, kshatriya, vaishya, shudras, B.R.Ambedkar
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What is a caste system?

One of the oldest still-practicing systems of social stratification in the world is the intricate caste system of India. Hindus are divided into four primary caste groups according to the caste system: Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras.

Racism, social evil, biogenetic populations, social practices, Human races
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Racism - A categorization of Human races, or a social evil?

Racism is the idea that certain human groups have hereditary characteristics that correspond to particular behavioural features, and that these groupings can be split according to the superiority of one race over another.

May Day, 1st of May,
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Why is May Day significantly different from other holidays?

May Day, also known as Workers' Day or International Workers' Day, is a day celebrated on May 1 in various nations to honour the historical battles and victories achieved by workers and the labour movement.

regular SLEEP Schedule, snail, sleep properly, sleep deprivation, REM sleep
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Why is it important to have a regular SLEEP Schedule?

Reduce your likelihood of developing significant health issues including diabetes and heart disease. Decrease stress and boost your mood. Do better in class and at work by clearing your mind. Get along with people more easily.

Oliver Hardy, Oliver Hardy , Stan Laurel,
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Fun facts about Laurel and Hardy

Oliver Hardy, member of the iconic comic duo - Laurel and Hardy. They became a famous duo, in comedy, during 1940-50’s. They made over a hundred films together, and won a lot of awards.

Roger Federer, Boredom, restlessness , mental fatigue
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What happens when we get bored?

Boredom is a very common feeling. Even, animals feel bored like us. It is the feeling of dissatisfaction, restlessness and mental fatigue.

ARPANET, digital learning, computer scientists, information technology, Story of the first Internet, Internet
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The Story of the first Internet - ARPANET

The first open packet-switched computer network was the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET). In 1989, it was ultimately deactivated after being put into use in 1969. The primary applications of ARPANET were in academia and research.

Gargantua, Black Hole, universe, life cycle, nuclear fusion
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A black hole is born

The remnants of a big star that explodes in a supernova are what create the majority of black holes. Dense neutron stars, which are produced by smaller stars, are not big enough to confine light.

supervolcanoes, volcanoe, Volcano Explosivity Index, VEI
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Scary things of the world - Supervolcanoes

Volcanoes are scary as it is, and now you’re telling me that there’s something called...supervolcanoes

United States Army Air Forces, UFO Day, UFO Awareness Day, United States
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UFO Awareness Day

World UFO Day, a day devoted to unexplained flying objects, is observed annually on July 2. Essentially, it serves as a day of awareness for people all around the world to come together and search the skies for UFOs.

Gender Identity, Trans gender people, opposite sex, physiological,
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What is Gender Identity and why do we need to understand it?

Most societies around the world classify the human body into two genders. These are the Male and the Female gender. This classification is based on human anatomy.

Forgotten Plague, the city of Strasbourg, Roman Empire, first Roman Calendar
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What is the ‘Forgotten Plague’?

In July 1518, chaos erupted in Strasbourg when a woman by the name of Frau Troffea suddenly appeared on the streets and began to spin, twirl, and shake.

Fathers’ Day, Fun Facts about Fathers’ Day,
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Some Fun Facts about Fathers’ Day

Father's Day didn't always enjoy the backing of the general population. Father's Day is a unique holiday celebrated worldwide in honour of fathers. Every year in India, it is observed on the third Sunday in June.

Pandit Jasraj, Indian Classical Music, Janmashtami, J.K Rowling, Harry Potter
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How did Pandit Jasraj change the face of Indian Classical Music?

Pandit Jasraj was a legendary classical singer who belonged to the Mewati gharana. His legacy of 75 years includes memorable renditions of Hindustani classical and semi-classical vocal music, classical and devotional music, album and film music, innovations in various genres

Alvin Toffler, Book Future shock
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Unlearning is the new Learning!

In order to make way for fresh learning, unlearning is a mechanism that enables us to learn from a past experience or pattern. It is vital to let go of outdated operating systems and practises in order to make room for new ones if we are to keep up with the changes taking place in all areas of life.

Beirut, Island of Cyprus, American B-29 bomber, atomic bomb, Hiroshima, Japan, Pacific Ring Of Fire, world’s most active earthquake belt, Earthquakes
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Let us all pray for the city of Beirut-capital of Lebanon

On August 5, 2020, Beirut saw the worst calamity. The explosion shook the entire city, and a mushroom cloud could be seen over the city. 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate were carelessly stored in a warehouse, which led to the explosion.

Adult frogs are carnivores. They eat everything smaller than them, including insects, worms and smaller frogs.
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We are the YoUng ADulTs!

When you're fun to be around, when you're ambitious, when you're curious, and when you're society's driving force, you know who we are! The Young Adults are us.

Shark Teeth are as hard as steel
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Do you often get Goose Bumps?

Goosebumps sometimes occur only because we're cold or when we're frightened. The ultimate result of an adrenaline rush intended to stave off a severe chill—or predators—are goosebumps.

Natural gas doesn't have an odour, strong smells are added to it by humans so it can be detected when there are leaks.
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If you already knew these, You’re a GearHead! - Fun facts about Cars

Jaguar, Maserati, Tesla , Mercedes Benz, and BMW are the top sports car manufacturers. A lot of people want to drive

When Albert Einstein died he had specifically asked people to not worship his corpse. He wanted his body to be cremated. But Thomas Harvey, a pathologist, did not follow the instructions, and stole Ei
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Wonder what is a phonograph?

A device for the mechanical and analogue recording and reproduction of sound is a phonograph, also known as a gramophone in later variants (as a trademark from 1887).

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Black Death: A Weird Pandemic that changed the world.

Although the disease persisted after the Black Death, it made sporadic comebacks over the centuries. COVID-19 has sparked interest in earlier pandemics on a worldwide scale.

Inventions that changed lives, Celluloid, John Wesley Hyatt, synthetic plastic, fathomed plastic bags, Tupperware, even cheap watches, Daguerreotype, Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre , Nichephore Niepce,
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Inventions that Changed Our Life

Throughout the beginning of time, humans have been innovating to get us where we are today. Here are only ten of the many inventions that have significantly altered your world. What more might you add to the list? some list of explores inventions and technologies that changed human life forever.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan, Ram Mandir, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat, Nritya Gopaldas Maharaj, Anandiben Patel, CM Adityanath, Ayodhya, Covid-19 norms, Doordarshan,
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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan

Ram Mandir will be initiated in Ayodhya, by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He will lay the foundation stone of the Ram Temple. Along with him, there will be 175 people who will be present in the ceremony.

REM, rapid eye movement, Dreams, psychoanalysts, Lucid dreams, Nightmares, Do animals dream?
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Why Do We Dream?

Discover why we dream and some of the most popular theories on dreams. Although they may serve this function, dreams may also serve other objectives.

Human beings, gestures, list of body gestures, Dopamine, Affiliation Smiles, Dominance Smiles, Embarrassed Smile, Duchenne Smile,
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Why do People Smile?

Endorphins are created and neuronal signals are sent to your face muscles to cause a grin when our brains are content.

International apps banned in China, China-linked apps,  Google Search Engine, Facebook , WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, YouTube,, Instagram, Gmail, Google Maps, Baidu Search Engine,
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What international apps are banned in China?

In China, numerous apps are forbidden. Yet, if you're moving there, there is a workaround. Get a list of all the popular Chinese apps that have been banned here.

Species, Earth Species , Ocean food, different species of frogs
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Species that Inhabit the Earth in BIG-NUMBERS!

Only a small percentage of the living world is known to science, despite the latest attempt being described as the most accurate yet.

Three-bladed fans, Indian Standards fans , centrally air-conditioned system, main sources of cooling,
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Why do fans have three blades?

Many individuals aren't even aware that there are several sorts of fans depending on how many blades they have. According to Indian specifications, all fans have three blades, and their only function is to promote effective air circulation.

Know everything about Camouflaging!
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Know everything about Camouflaging!

Camouflaging as we know is merging the presence of a person, an animal or an object with its surroundings. There are four types of basic camouflages, namely concealing through coloration, disruptive coloration, disguise and mimicry.

Let us try to understand Adaptations!
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Let us try to understand Adaptations!

Any heritable characteristic that enables a plant or animal to survive and procreate in its environment is referred to as an adaptation.

When Natural Resources Saved me from Aliens!
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When Natural Resources Saved me from Aliens!

An interesting account of a young boy’s encounter with aliens!

The Most Curious People in History
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The Most Curious People in History

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious,” said Albert Einstein. Many of the curious people get tagged by their friends as ‘Madam Curie’. Ever wondered why?

Ram Mandir Inauguration  22nd January 2024
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Ram Mandir Inauguration 22nd January 2024

Ayodhya Ram Mandir is set to be inaugurated on 22nd January 2024. Witness the culmination of years of dedication and construction as theShri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust enthroned Ram Lalla at the sanctum-sanctorum.